Built for the kill.....lolzzz...

Gud morning everyone...... Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well...and i slept early so this morning i woke up at about 6:30..very strange from my side to get up so early but can't help....haha...:) Now having nothing to do i'm writing this post only.... The day started well.......However, not in a mood to study so early in the morning...i decided to have a look of the early morning sky...the nature and surrounding...how it looks??? The cool breeze was slowing blowing all around with its soothing effect and trees slowly kindof dancing along with it...sun seemed to be playing hide and seek...hiding behind the clouds....the morning was fantastic....the early morning was really to be observed.... Many things were need to be observed in this world...among them...most of them have been already watched by you in some of such fascinating channels like National geographic, discovery, etc...but the craze to see it going on live is very interesting. Human beings need training for what they supposed to do, and what they are being living for.....we get training for all these purposes but animals don't really need it...and i got pretty sure about it after wahat i saw this morning.."A LIZARD"...haha... A new born small lizard...not more than a week older(not more than 1.5inches or so) was chasing a small insect(not so small for the baby lizard...nearly 1/3rd of its size) with so much skills, that anybody would have been impressed with it....It kept observing that insect for more than a minute and then suddenly slowly started creeping ahead towards the target...and with a flash it was all over, insect was in its mouth and lizzy ran away...the best chase i have seen and among all such stuff i have ever seen.....:) For a person like me...Watching such stuff on T.V. channels is also fascinating but having a live and such closer view at it was more than that can be expressed....Unfortunately i didn't had my camera mobile with me to have a video or take a snap of it....i felt very bad that i was unable to capture it but if i would have went to get my camera, i would have surely missed the chase from a "BUILT FOR THE KILL"... Just think of one question that i was wondering about....that any of our human children are able to expertise such things from the very beginning of their life??? I'm not picking up any question about man's ability...just have a thought in a different way... cya soon.......bbye....


  1. better don't wake up that early..if it tolls ur brain that much.. :P
    ..jokes apart..keen observance to appreciated.. :)


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