Still in a Jeopardy........

I was sitting in my friends room when his father called and asked him that is there any news of your college getting derecognised from the deemed status??? He refused as till that time no one knew about that, but later we got the conformation that HRD ministry has proposed the names of 44 deemed universities out of 126 from all over India and has produced an affidavit in the supreme court that they should be removed from their deemed status...... Initially I thought that many times a number of list has been produced and in which some of them had our college's list and some didn't, so most of us took it leisurely....but later when the affidavit part was conformed, then it became a situation of panic..... The college in which we took admission as a deemed university, and completed nearly our 2 years will no longer be means that we're going to pass out as a normal college???? All we have paid for all these two years and will pay in future is all gonna go in vain???? Are we going to get a State university degree or will it be a diploma???? What will be our future???? Will any company take us alongwith it???? Who is the guilty one???? Who will be the sufferer???? What are we student going to get???? Many such questions kept bothering us for the week.....and we all waited for the decision to come.....but as expected, it seemed to be turning into a typical Indian court case.....universities got the date after 2 month on 8th the time there has been a stay order on the appeal made by HRD ministry. I do agree that there has been some faults on behalf of the colleges also, which were ignored earlier by the colleges.....and none of the students knew about those rules.....on the basis of infrastructure, our college has been sorted out for the award of dereconisation from deemed status.....and this is all because our college (JIIT, Noida) has tried to extend its area and opened a new campus at other place in which new students will be accommodated and this old campus will be closed. This has been considered as a branch of our college..... Just think of the 4th year students....they studied in it as a deemed university....but a month before they are about to pass out, they are being told that they will not get any university degree.....Just think about their situation???? Is it fare enough that we students are paying for what we haven't done???? Is it right to play with our future???? And just look who is taking the decision that we should not be a deemed university....a 4 member committee in which 3 are politicians and only one is of the engineering line....Who gave them right to take decision for us???? How the hell they evaluated all the 126 universities in just 3 month period???? Why is UGC sitting idle in this regard???? Can they give us the answer of all the above questions???? Atleast the students who took admission in the college thinking it to be a deemed university, they should get a proper degree.... Lets see what happens....and how much time this case takes to get solved.....lets wait and watch one more example of typical Indian court....cases extend for years and then files close....Will it have a result???? Will it be positive or negative???? The time will tell....that how many continue with its status, how many will get merged to state many give diploma and how many get closed....these are not the questions I have raised.....These are the questions that are their in everyone's mind....approximately all the 2 lakh WAIT AND WATCH for the result.......


  1. its really such a shame this is happening in our country. Ideally there has to be board to check each college before giving the deemed status and regular audits, and with proper notification if that college fails to comply to the rules successively then there is a point to give them the non - deemed status. This would be fair.

    But we dont live in the fair world to say. The students condition are pathetic as you said few politicians do it for personal reason, there are colleges which pay money to get the deemed status, even now they can do that and get it back , Shameful education! who cares abt the students. Hopefully this should change for everyone's benefit.

  2. almost forgot, thanks for visiting me, ur writing is gripping

  3. very true...agreed with Srivats...but the situation is nearly helpless for us..even the audits go unfair..because before they come to visit..truth is hidden somehow by univ/coll admin. giving a nice presentable cover..saying that if we are bad..then showing that we are bad won't be helpful.. :O so show whats gud..and try to maintain grades..

    btw..see you got some readers don't curse that girls quota thing.. :|

  4. @srivats....thnx...and you are right about it...but now the positn is gettng even worse.....

    @deep....yaa dats the only way one can move ahead in this situation....maintain grades.....

    i'll consider ur appeal to remove girls qouta....lolzzz

  5. dis country's administration...

    nicely written :-)


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