Future of Desire or Fate...???

Getting involved in discussions is good. I appreciate this, especially for a person like me(people who know me knows the reason). But for a person like me to get involved in any type of discussion with an stranger is rarest of the rarest phenomenon.

Anyways, if I keep aside the discussion part, sometimes some small single statements by you leave me thinking about them. (At least that sometimes happens with me).

While me and RD(the fellow passenger) were were having a talk, I said a quote which I tweeted some days back...

" There are 2 futures:
The future of desire, and the future of fates
& the man's reason has never learnt to separate them.
-J.D.Bernal "

and later when I gave a thought on it, I was left wondering that how much do I actually fit it...???

Everyone wants the future of his/her desire, but the question is how many actually get it...???

I want something from my desire, but one which appears to be coming is something which appears to be coming from fate.
So, the question which arises is:
Is the one which is approaching will somehow lead to the future of my desire...???

Well, time will automatically give the answer and that's how its supposed to be. It won't be called a life if we know what's up next.

PS: Well, thanks for the talk RD. At least you made my lazy mind to have some brain-storming session. ;)


  1. Uncertainties comes when it's about Future and Fate...
    Sometimes our desire and thirst to achieve even mold our Fate.

    My advice: Do your best without worrying about Fate...
    leave that on Baba ji. He'll bless you with the best :)

    My best wishes...

  2. I like the changes you made here .. text and especially the header photo.. Awesome ! :)

  3. That's why Omar Khayyam says 'the hand[ fate] that writes will go on writing; nothing can-- not even your desire-- stop it.

    1. But if you keep working on your desires...I guess you'll be paid accordingly someday...:)


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