What constitutes a JEE Topper...??? Fluke or Hard-Work...!!!

Disclaimer: Title of the post says it all. Continue at your own risk.

Case 1:
Kartikeya Gupta, Delhi Topper
JEE(Advanced):                                          4th rank 
JEE(Main):                                                 323/360
Final Rank(including XII Board marks):          738

Case 2:
                                  1st Student                              2nd Student
JEE(Main):                    247/360                                    247/360
XII Boards:                     461/500                                    469/500
Final Rank:                     5814                                         3962

Case 3:
                                1st Student                              2nd Student
JEE(Main):                  210/360                                    260/360
XII Boards:                    95%                                           92%

Final Rank(1st Student) >> Final Rank(2nd Student)

List of such cases are so long that one can't imagine. So, its better to not to enlist more here.

But why on earth do they come up with new policies to ruin the future of India? I gave it 5 and a half years back. It wasn't a joke. I still remember how tough it was and how Chemistry stopped me from entering JEE and I don't think that it is any joke now also.

The amount of effort that student has put in scoring 323/360 would be phenomenal, and 5-7% less marks in boards pays him by earning 738 rank AIR.

If you score 8 marks less, meaning 1.3% less, your rank can fall down by almost 2000.

Criteria for passing the board exams to appear for JEE was worth it. It would have been fine if the cut-off was increased from 60% to 70% in boards to appear for JEE. But taking 40% weightage of board marks into JEE was horrible idea. Here I'd like to ask just one question...

What do they think that is it any joke to score in JEE...??? Do we score by fluke...??? That possibility is almost next to impossible, even if someone says that he/she cleared it by luck, that person also must have put a lot of effort sometime back. Whereas scoring in boards is way easy. Your answer booklets are not scrutinized in boards until and unless you have scored highest in that subject across whole board. You'll rarely find any novelty in the questions coming in any board exams. Its just the level of difficulty which is set by the board to check the papers which regulates the marks every year. Any student, good at mugging up, can score good marks in boards. But that's not the case in JEE. It takes a lot of hard-work to crack it.

Is this some kind of mockery of Indian education going on from the last one year or so? Last few days, I've been posting a lot against Indian Education System. I don't know how but I keep coming across these news' again and again. This time, I didn't get much chance to read any newspaper or any online article, but then I received this article by mail from my sister. I thought that I won't read it. But couldn't help it and after I read it, here you see the result, another post... :P

I'd like to end the post with an awesome quote by Navjot Singh Siddhu.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel for India,
but it's that of an incoming train which will run them over."

Perfectly suits the situation. :-/

PS: Bhagwaan un netaaon ko sadbuddhi de jo aise rules banate hain. (May God bless the politicians with some brain who make such rules)


  1. Hmm..well thought and nicely discussed..and good that you brought up the topic, and most importantly, at least you read the link ..unlike me who simply shared and procrastinated the task of reading it myself :P

    1. Hmmm...Thanks...These type of articles always provoke me...

      PS: I guess I read it because as a student, its always a pleasure to procrastinate studies and read such articles... :P

  2. Getting into IIMS for MBA also has the same problem no matter what %ile you get in CAT!

    1. Don't know much about IIM's, but entrance of IIM's, i.e., CAT also faces the same problem of mugging up...(this time it is the vocab)

  3. Our policy makers seem hell bent on hurtling to the aforesaid tunnel. Sad.

  4. Your grouse is very genuine but the trouble is that these leaders who make rules have never gone through any tough exams i think-who can teach them?They think they know best.

    1. Just wish that they soon realize that they ain't what they think they are...

  5. Good analysis.
    Students were ignoring the 12th portions and clamoring for coaching centers, wonder if this system will bring a stop to that practice.

    1. clamoring the coaching centers...that's still gonna happen and those centers will be increasing their fees to sky high for the same reason causing troubles for parents...
      Increasing the eligibility criteria of boards into IIT(maybe 70% or 75%...but I won't agree with 40% weightage of boards in IIT :-/


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