Whenever I go for dinner with anyone for the first time, the first question that always confronts me: "How can you, although being a Sardar, be a Vegetarian?" 

And I reply, "Why can't I be?"

and for those who say, Guru Gobind Singh, our 10th Guru also had non-veg, then for that I'd like to quote, he was stuck in middle of the war and his army was deprived of any food, so he had to feed them to keep his army alive.

Well, that's the story which keeps on happening every few days. So lets ignore that for now.

Anyways, totally by chance, I came across some of the videos in the last couple of weeks that I was tempted to share them with you and believe me, after seeing this video (from where I took the title for the post), you'll definitely think about whether you should eat non-veg or not.


Well, for those who ignored the video(for whatever reasons), few things I'd like to quote from the video:

Modern meat production is responsible for outbreak of Mad-Cow disease, SARS, Bird Flu, and many other diseases. Also animal products are contaminated with Campylobacter, Salmonella, E-Coli. The one thing which I heard long back when I was a kid, most probably from my father only,

मांस खाए, मांस बढ़े।
घी खाए खोपड़ी ॥ 

Translated as:
"If you eat Flesh, your Flesh will increase.
If you eat Ghee, your Brain will increase."

was also quoted in the video, (not in the same words obviously), that consumption of non-veg is accompanied mainly with fat and cholesterol, is also a prime contributor to today's epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Studies show that vegetarians are less prone to all of these diseases.

(Now, specifically for those non-vegetarians who talk boldly in campaigns and other places about saving the world, saving the animal species which are on the verge of extinction and global warming, etc., etc., etc...)

According to United Nations scientists, eating meat is one of the top contributors for:
1) Land Degradation, 
2) Water Shortages, and
3) Air and Water Pollution.

Also, researches say that soon, maybe in a couple of decades, the rate at which fishes are being consumed, the oceans will be empty of fish by 2048.

Obviously, by now many will start saying that they only eat chicken. Then it was in the previous video also, and now one more:

I don't have any personal revenge with meat eaters, but once again, I'd like to share what I shared long back:

For egg eaters, if you're against foeticide, then think about it:


Anyways, one more interesting fact, do you know how appendix became non-functional in human body?
Well, its because, soon after humans started relying more on diet rich in foliage, appendix in the due course of time, became non-functional and by eating meat, you're just putting pressure on your body which is not designed to eat that. For detailed version, read "Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and the Foundation of The Origin of Species" and corresponding researches and articles.


Now many of you might be thinking, What category do I belong to? Obviously that's justified, if you've read the post, then I've given you long lecture on why to be a "Vegetarian".

"Okay, so I used to have non-veg few years back(I guess 3 and half years back). But then once I stayed at my cousin's place and every other day they used to serve non-veg in at least one of the meals. So that's when I decided, that's it...Its too much and that was the last time I ate any type of non-veg food. Well, I was never fond of eggs anytime and rarely used to have them but few months after I left non-veg, I permanently stopped the egg thing also. That's because also alongwith the disliking, once one of my friend asked me, "Dude, You say you're a vegetarian, then where do eggs come from, or where do they lead to?". So, few months after that, it was all over. :D 

Well, frankly I never had any problems after I left any of those. Actually, I used to be under weight when I was a non-vegetarian, but soon after becoming vegetarian, I started eating paneer and other dairy products and now I'm normal, (well in fact have gained a little bit of tummy also :P)"


PS: Thanks for your patience and reading it(if you did, else just "thanks for the visit"). I'm not forcing anyone for any thing, was just putting up few facts, which many of you might have missed, or ignored it till now. ;)
If you're even a little bit motivated towards becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan, then watch this video and get inspired by this kid:

PPS: Hope we soon get alternative for stopping the cruelty done to get produce milk from animals.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been a vegetarian all my life and also an animal lover to boot. So it pains me to no end to see animals being slaughtered so that humans can have a "nutrient rich" meal. It's disgusting.

    I had also written a post on the same subject long time ago:

    1. completely agree bro...was a nice post...you quoted some of the thoughts which I was not able to quote... :)

  2. Well I am a vegetarian too but I wouldnt agree with all of your view points. But yes Animal cruelty has to decrease.

    1. well, thanks Red Handed, as I already quoted, I am not forcing anyone...
      but most of the facts in the post are scientifically proven facts...which I wrote as my view points...

  3. Only if people had that compassion, the world wud have been a better place. Wen I turned into a veg at the age of 10 years, I was scolded and scorned at. I had brought a bad name to the bongs, they said. But i really dont care. Meat eaters are killers. Agree with you!


  4. You have done a lot of research for this post....i agree fully that we should not eat non-veg though i am guilty of eating eggs.

    1. realization is the first step... :)
      Thanks... :)

  5. Becoming vegetarian does look like a solution to save the world.


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