Nature's lullaby...!!!

All alone at the sea side,
She stares at the calm sea spreading wide.

Tired and exhausted,
She was totally flabbergasted.

With all the random thoughts in her brain that slurried,
She didn't knew what all thought are to be worried.

With so many around to care for her,
She never ever had any thoughts to bother.

Carelessly she used to roam around,
For years, never cared for any wounds.

Alas, to act carelessly, in her nature it was moulded,
For like a princess, she has always been treated.

Surprised and shocked by the sudden loneliness,
She tried to recover from weariness.

Only question that confused her slightly,
"Where has everyone gone and why was she left alone lately?"

But it wasn't her nature, that left her with no one around,
It was the NATURE around her, that left her with no one around.


PS: It was 3.5 hours for sketch and 1 hour of finishing touch...
It was 30 min for poem and 1 hour of finishing touch
and then finally 2 days for thinking about the title "Nature's lullaby" :P


  1. Loved both.. poem as well as the sketch !!
    Would like to know inspiration for the poem..
    Keep going :)

    1. thank you so much sister... :)

      Inspiration for the poem was I just wanted to describe the sketch in a justified manner...!!!

  2. heloooooooooooo how are you sir.. remmeber me .. long time

    lovely poem and the sketch tooo I too am back now after more than a year ..


    1. Hey are you...???
      I too got very you doing...???
      BTW Thanks a lot...

  3. last 2 lines....super awesome!!

  4. Every thing that lives lives not alone nor for itself

    1. Very true Indeed...But sometimes the circumstances makes us think the other way round...

  5. Good one :)

    P.S. - I too take more time to think the tittle of any post than actually writing the post :P :P


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