The World is a Hypocrite's Masquerade of Virtue..!!!

Well, for those who noticed that I'm writing something after long time, must be wondering why am I back with a pretty rough title to the post. Good thing if you didn't feel that rough. If you felt that rough, then either you might be responsible for it or you'll feel the post offensive. So better continue at your own risk.

Since last 2 months, I had so much on my mind but somehow the time and sudden changes in my life are not giving me enough personal space and peace of mind so that I can concentrate on writing. Now imagine the situation of someone like me, who is used to get things off his mind by writing instead of speaking, would be feeling for past 52 days(Yes, I'm counting days). Honestly and unfortunately, right now also I'm writing this post with a white noise audio playing in the background. Just imagine :/

Now coming back to the point, why I called the world "A hypocrite's masquerade of virtue". Those who're not able to understand, as you're daring enough to come this far, you can read ahead, you'll get to know.

Okay. First, can someone from previous generation tell me that are we brought to this world and educated and raised just to get married and have kids and raise them?

Ain't someone not supposed to find the mental peace by doing what he/she is good at or get some opportunity to explore the field what he/she wants to do? If you're answer is NO, then accept the fact that you're a acting like a hypocrite and you're already totally dissolved in the false show which world is displaying to hide their miseries and you are telling them what they want to listen from you in the form of so-called super-virtuous speech. Also you're screwing up with your kid's future. If you really love your kids, think once again.

Someone that day was trying to convince me to get married and have kids early. Let's call that dude, X. So Mr. X, considering that you're of my age, how come you in your right senses can ask a guy such stupid things who is trying to act sensibly and getting himself mentally settled in his career and is interested in pursuing his dreams? Didn't you had nay dreams? If someone is trying to follow his passion rather than joining the world (a hypocrite's masquerade) in getting married, reproducing and having kids and then realizing at a later stage that he/she is not happy with his career and then that guy starts struggling with his family around. Should you be appreciating that struggling family guy or should you be appreciating a person who at least tried to discover his career, even if he/she failed, and then went on to figure out stuff with the family? Dear X, please try to understand that earning a good sum of money doesn't make anyone happy. Happiness comes when someone gets to do what he wants to do. Somehow I guess you'll also agree to what I said and appreciate if that would have been the case on your end also. (Look I used "please" to talk to you, next time it will the other extreme end decency). Anyway I totally understand that having some partner or loved one to share/discuss personal matters is good, but why is it important to force someone to get arranged and have a partner?

Okay, anyway let's keep Mr. X on hold and come back to parents of our generation. Dear parents, if your kid is a kid of generation-Y, then give him time to figure out things. This is one of the most stressed out generations of all time. We're not telling you that we're GAY. We're just asking you to hold on for sometime. We'll find something for ourselves and then we'll find someone for ourselves too. We just need time.

Also, one last thing for dear parents and our Mr. X, please stop talking about these caste/religion things. On one side you call yourself modern and then when you just see your kid with some girl of other caste/religion your blood pressure reaches 200/150. If someone is genuinely interested in someone, let them figure out things and if they want to go ahead with that person, then let them go. Hope you read newspaper everyday. Most abuses and divorce happen in arrange marriages only, not in love. So let your kid figure out stuff.

Well-well, now don't start that age old things of "Son, you'll figure things out with time."

It doesn't works like this. Here are my thoughts on the same topic, read that before commenting on the same. "Time is not at all a Healer..!!"

In one line I want to say that,

We don't wanna be a part of your parade.
I'm sure most people of generation-Y would agree to what I said. Those who agree to the rants(what else should I call it?) I wrote, would agree to this one song in the same context which has been stuck on my mind since the day I heard it and is still my ringtone for almost a year now.


Let me go
I don't wanna be your hero
I don't wanna be a big man
Just wanna fight with everyone else

Your masquerade
I don't wanna be a part of your parade
Everyone deserves a chance to
Walk with everyone else

While holding down
A job to keep my girl around
And maybe buy me some new strings
And her a night out on the weekend

And we can whisper things
Secrets from our American dreams
Baby needs some protection
But I'm a kid like everyone else

So let me go...

PS: Well, I literally don't care if you felt bad and want to go get back to me with different views after reading this post. All that matters is, I felt good today after long time. Also, anybody who'll try to mess up with my personal space will regret, because it has always been a matter of 3M's:
1) My Room
2) My Space
3) My Business.
So don't interfere with them unless you've exclusive permissions for the same.



  1. OH. i understand how u feel. you reminded me of an old post...

    the problem is we kept making institutions- marriage, caste... bigger and us smaller...

    1. Unfortunately, what you said is true.

      One link I'd like to share in the same context:
      must read

  2. I can totally relate to your situation! I have everyone hounding me to get married. The reasons for convincing me range from "Your grandmom is getting old and it is her last wish..." to "good guys won't be left if you delay any further." I've had people even telling me that since I am "fat" and "dark-skinned", I should just get married as soon as a guy agrees!!! It does make my blood boil!

    In our society, people fail to understand why a woman is so interested in making a career!!! Marriage should be on top of her priority list!!!

    Thanks for this post! I am glad to find someone airing different views than those around me!

    1. Seriously yaar. The society sucks.

      The weird comments of elders like you said "grandma's last wish" "parents last wish to play with kids" blah blah...what the hell are they. :/

      Glad that you liked it :)


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