Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it...!!!

The day a parent stops a kid from doing something which he/she is good by giving a reason that "There is no future in it, it's a time waste", the same day the creativity within a child has been murdered brutally.

Go to a kid of 1st or 2nd grade and ask them to paint anything, they will start doing it without thinking of outcome. Now go to 12th grade and ask them to do the same, majority will say they don't know. They both might not be good, but the 1st graders are at least not afraid of doing it. By the time they reach 12th grade, they have been judged so many times that even if they're good at something they'll give up on that believing that they are not good at it. Culprit is society or people around us. Victim is the person who is made to believe that he/she is not good at doing it.

This is just one example that popped up my mind after watching the video and a millions of other examples can be quoted.

The society we live in has forced us, at least majority of our current generation, to think in terms of what the society will say if they go wrong. We have been afraid of presenting ourselves as a failure to the society and end up sacrificing our dreams and desires. We are totally kept away from the fact big success is always followed after few failures. Only thing we're told is that even if you're not happy, then also build something good to present and show-off in the society. The consequences are: 1) Compromising our happiness for doing something which can keep our reputation high in our social circle; 2) Joining a job and getting a salary for which we don't at all fancy, but we do it just because our parents/relatives can boast the same among their circle(the circle in which we don't know a single creature).

Why do we end up sacrificing our passion, killing our dreams and murdering our talents for some people in our parent's social circle whom we don't know? I think all of us know the answers. I don't need to say it out loud.

Initially, youngsters don't think about it at all and join a job which is paying them some money according to the career and education their parents have provided them without their consent. Yes, the education choice in India is forced on the kids by their parents. It is hardly seen that a kid chooses his own choice of stream for studies because of the pressure from his/her family. Mostly for Indians, it is "Engineering" or "IAS". Initial days for most of them are like a dream come true with a few hours of work in the office, free from studies and exams, no more classes to attend to, every month at the end a salary will come which they'll use in partying for next whole month and most important one, no parent checking for their expenditure because they don't have to ask for money from home. This enjoyment phase goes on for few months or a year, then they get split into 2 categories:

1) The thinkers, one who starts wondering about their life;
2) The family guys, one who get married early.

Lets go category wise:

Category 1, the thinkers: These guys start wondering about life but couldn't figure out anything in the initial days. They won't be able to focus in office. They start feeling weird staying both at home and office. At the end they start trying out various things and in the end some end up doing higher studies, some choose totally different career(not sure if satisfied) and finally everyone is forced to fall in the second category by their parents.That's India, isn't it? ;)

Category 2, the family guys: Immediately after they start earning, these guys  are made to get married by their families. So they don't get time to think. End of discussion.

Comparison: The end result might be same for both of them in an Indian society but the thinkers seems better off. They at least, if lucky, get a chance to explore their careers and try something new and different. They at least try to see themselves somewhere before getting under the burden of responsibility of handling a family. Honestly, as far as I know, very few of the lucky ones, after getting involved in the family at the early age have been able to pursue their hobbies.

Again, as I have done earlier, I'm saying it again and appealing it to the parents of Indian society "I totally understand that there is a pressure on the kid of earning and supporting the family and I also totally understand why you force them into a career like engineering even if they don't want any such thing, but at least do your kid a favor by not stopping him from pursuing his hobbies in the past time. In due time those hobbies will be really helpful in figuring out things. Who knows that he might end up pursuing his career in the field he likes and also be happy at the same time rather than be unhappy and pursue something forcefully just because he has been forced to do so by his parents? I'm sure you'd like your child to be happy, won't you? So please, nurture the creativity, don't murder it."

PS: I recently started working on my hobby of sketching. Believe me that it is real fun to see the end result. I know it is not perfect but it is more satisfying when I go to bed than the job I've been doing to earn money. Honestly I never felt excited about the salary, I've always been seeking for satisfaction which I think I'm getting now.

PPS: Why am I writing this post is because few of my friends asked me how come out of nowhere I started doing these things. I had to explain them that in my free time I used to do them without anyone's information and why I'm improving in these is because I've not let these passions in me get murdered just because someone wanted and made me do something else.


  1. What a <a href=">amazing stuff</a>... Incredible stuff here Cynosure, an Inspiration here.. Love it..


  2. The title says it all!! Perfect!

  3. You brought your heart out, great article. Read it loud n clear and I have nothing but to agree with your words.

    1. I hope all parent accept this, coz agreeing part everyone does.

  4. So rightly said...basically elders and children want space and time but can't give it to children ...sad. Nice post :)

  5. Something that we expect from people but with time they stop listening to there heart and just follow money
    Great post
    #nurture your atr don't murder it

    1. good servant, but a bad master.

  6. very fact full post, liked it a lot.


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