In the name of GOD..!!

Pardon me if words don't rhyme,
Pardon me if they sound unpleasant like a wind chime.

Pardon me today if I sound blunt,
But I promise you that it is no publicity stunt.

Everywhere around us, everyone is fighting,
Around them everyone wants some money-fame-glimmer-lighting.

There is unrest everywhere around us,
If we ponder with a clear mind, situation really sucks.

In the name of GOD, people are killing each other,
Though HE teaches us love and respect, but no one bothers.

The way it’s going, although started to unite,
We might end up categorizing into a religion even those little termites.

Forget what the religion was earlier,
But now to hide the dirty game of power and politics it’s a name which is more like glorified and fancier.

Why don’t we observe the nature around us?
Why don’t we observe those beautiful stars shining in the heavens?

Look at the beautiful sickle-shaped moon, floating like a boat,
But instead we chose to look around on others and on their miseries we gloat.

You maybe anyone, but the same sun and moon has always shone,
Never bifurcating the water around rich and poor, the same river has always flown.

Yet every day we hear cases of honor killings in localities near-by,

Or how easily a terrorist on the name of religion flew it’s plane in a tall tower standing-by.

I still love the people I've loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them,
They may have changed, but it doesn’t mean I’ll just go and blow them.

As an artist, you asked me for a pictorial depiction of my thoughts here,
But again pardon me if I couldn’t get any sketch as per your desire.

What would have I drawn?
A dying man, who’s someone’s father? or
A dead kid, who’s someone’s son/daughter? or
A starving society, where humans eat like scavenger? or
A rich guy having delicious meal, where he eats less and wastes more?

Only thing I've been certain of lately,
Science will admit when it is wrong,
Religion will kill to prove it's right.


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