Letting Go..!!

People come,
    People go.

Some leave an impression on my mind,
    With some my heart starts to rhyme.
Started as a wicked friendly partner in crime,
    Our souls ended up making sweet sounds like a chime.

Here I am left alone bidding everyone one by one a farewell,
    Whatever life has planned, for them I always pray that all goes well.

Well, Once again with a heavy heart and crying soul,
    Here I am letting another one go. 

PS: Another random one I guess.


  1. I would say here that lucky are the ones who can let go .. because some like me .. cant let go and live in the memory which cant be right for those who have come in life new ..

    Tragic when that happens


  2. Letting go isn't a one time thing. You won't know when you've actually made it happen.


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