Uprooted Leaf..!!

For years,
I held my ground.
But everyone has their day,
This time nature found its way around.

Like a sudden puff,
I got sucked with the stormy wind.
Away from my roots,
Leaving everything behind.

How would I survive,
I thought, as I held my nerve.
While I blew towards the ocean,
With the nature's breath which felt like swerve.

I stood on ground,
With nothing to hold.
I saw waves approaching towards me,
I felt everything, but bold.

For few moments,
There was breathlessness.
I was stuck in a roaring wave,
Accompanied with total darkness.

Then there came a moment,
I felt like someone held my hand.
It was nothing like from what I originated,
It was just a pile of sand.

Half buried in the sand,
The hold was firm.
For the first time since I left,
I felt safe, that was confirm.

Now that I had someone to rely upon,
Relaxed, I lay alone under the sky which seemed so big and wide now.
Wind gushes couldn’t take me away,
Waves couldn’t take me for a ride now.


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