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Isn't time Running Out

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

28 and ORPHAN again...!!!

Say No to Old-Age Homes. Respect the people who made you what you are. (Image Source)

Son decides to admit the father in the old age home as desired by his wife (the daughter-in-law).

He brings his father in the car to an Orphanage cum old age home run by a Priest.

The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC , Veg etc. Father says No TV, AC etc.

Son goes out to bring luggage from car. The wife calls up to check whether all fine. And also insists that father need not come home even for festivals.

The Priest appears and immediately starts talking with the old man.

The surprised Son wonders and asks the Priest whether he knows his father before as they were talking as though they knew each other since so many years.

Priest with tears in his eyes says.."yes, yes my son, He came here 28 years back and took with him an orphan boy in adoption."


PS: How easily we youngsters forget what our parents did for us and send them to old-age homes. We ourselves try our best to find the problem of a infant by their crying faces but neglect the crying faces of people who did the same with us when we're infants and reject them? Say NO to OLD-AGE Homes. Respect the people who made you what you are.

PPS: I came across this short story and couldn't resist myself from instantly sharing it here. It may sound a bit filmy to many, but it's enough to give the message to any sensible person.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Udta Punjab: A Well Versed Movie with a small tinge of Bollywood...!!!

*****This review doesn't contain any spoilers.*****

I don't think I need to give basic introduce about this movie, especially with all the hype it got due to censor-board and politics. Lemme just give the basic introduction. The movie is starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and  Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role with a run-time of 149 minutes. Written and directed by Abhishek Chaubey.

The story kicks in with a drug addict star, Tommy Singh, who lost a good deal for his release of an album due to his addiction. In parallel, a migrant worker from Bihar finds a packet of drugs in the field.

Majorly, the story revolves around Tommy Singh, our migrant worker and the life of a young boy, Bali, who is a drug addict and the brother of a police officer Sartaj Singh. Bali's truth comes out to his brother and family due to his once overdose of drugs when he gets hospitalized. That's when Sartaj meets Dr. Preeti (Kareena Kapoor) for his brother's treatment and together they start a quest of exposing the roots of this drug-scandal in Punjab.

The story continues with few expected Bollywood flavor twist and turns. Like a big star running and fighting the world, escaping the cops and traveling on a bicycle to cities just to find a girl. However, the movie has perfectly portrayed the real picture of Punjab which has never been presented to the outside world. For example, the youth killing their parents or near ones for the drug addiction. We consider the elderly, white bearded sardar uncle's as figure of warm and affectionate personalities, however, no-one is picture perfect, right? Like the eldest leader of drug gang, how cruelly he leaves Alia for his boys to rape her. Similarly, how the police helps with trafficking of drugs and how politicians take advantage of drug problem for their vote-bank. Most of these problems, at max, we've just heard from our friends or maybe somewhere in the news. However, the very much needed dirty picture of overall ideal and calm looking state of Punjab was impressively presented on the big screen.

Overall the best performance in the movie or in other words, the person who literally stole the show was Alia Bhatt. She has once again out-performed all of her co-stars. Luckily, the Bollywood now has someone who can perform extra-ordinarily in all kind of roles. Other than Alia, Diljit Dosandh has justified his role. If all goes good, he is going to be a strong contender for his debut Bollywood role.

Rating: 8/10

PS: Like other Anurag Kashyap's movies, this one also would have deserved a perfect or near perfect score like Gulaal or Gangs of Wasseypur. But that's the point where Udta Punjab has missed it score is that Anurag Kashyap has not directed this movie. Like the other two classics which I mentioned, if the film-makers would have focused less on big star-cast or would have chosen someone who suited the roles better then it could have been much better. Like there could have been better options than Shahid Kapoor for a drug-addict star in the movie. This point along-with the story, especially in the second half, forced me to add the second part of the title of this post "Small tinge of Bollywood".

PPS: A reminder for my dear sceptic Indians, the abusive language has not been censored in this movie. Also the use of drugs has been shown in pretty clear manner.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Grave Gravity...!!!

The grave gravity,
No one understands you.
And until the situation turns blue,
People don't realize you. 

(Being a science freak, it becomes mandatory to mention Einstein, right? :P )

An attempt to draw the great Einstein using Dot-Rendering...!!!

School teachers declared Albert Einstein insane,
And the whole world declared him a retard.
Later that retard lad gave a theory,
And now to understand that theory people are ready to give rewards.

Although Newton realized gravity,
Only after apple fell.
Later Einstein's theory defied it saying it's space-time continuum,
But how everything is interwoven continuum, it took 100 years before anyone could tell.

(Many times we underestimate kids, the best example for why we shouldn't do that)

Youngsters fall in love,
Get married.
After marriage they realize,
The big mistake they did when in love they got carried.

(okay so coming to a serious note, when we don't understand gravity of the situation)

We drive like crazy, 
We even cause accidents on roads.
We never understand the safety,
Until someone very close dies while ignoring traffic lights and sign boards.
Selfish humans, we never look at the other side of the coin,
Until too late, we never realize things seriously.
We screw up things in life,
Expecting others to reciprocate passionately.

We ignore them like anything,
When life gives us chances.
Instead of complaining for things,
Why don't we notice and react on subtle signs of nuances?

My only appeal to you is to understand the gravity,
When it is in it's raw form.
Before life looses it's brevity,
And becomes a storm.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Desire for Satire...!!!

Generally, every month on 3rd Saturday I go for a Poetry meet-up, "Let Poetry Be". Every month we're given a topic and we've to come up with a poem of our own on the same topic. This generally is fun till the time topic is reasonable. Unlike every other time, this time the topic was weirdest, "I found you at LPB". But I had to come-up with something and here's how everything came up.

Well, I was really confused what to write till the very last week. By chance I asked one of my friends with whom I generally discuss such stuff. During discussion I came up with a thought that in college a guy used to had weed when he wanted to think anything that was tough. So, considering the guy with whom I was discussing is not in town, I went to have a word with another friend of mine and that's how it went: 

I asked "Dude, let's go for a weed."
He replied "That's not a good deed."
I again asked, "Lord Shiva used to have it, why do you think so?"
He said, "My mom would kill me, if I do so."
I said, "Dude, don't exaggerate, just have some and let's perform some hora;

Coz your mom's not Indrani Mukherjee and you're not Sheena Bora."

That's when I realized,
What I had to confess at LPB.
Oh my desire for satire,
I met you at LPB.
Oh my talent of making rhyming puns,
I met you at LPB. :)

Anyway, that also at the end became my final entry for the event this time. Initially it looked weird to me when I wrote it, but somehow it turned out to be fun. :P

PS: I don't smoke weed. It was just a time-pass thing. So don't start making complaints to my parents against me(if you know them) :D


Friday, May 20, 2016


Some write poetry.
Others inspire poetry.
Once in a lifetime though you will meet the one person who is poetry. 

(For those who say poetry is not their cup of tea: By poetry, I mean, it doesn't have to rhyme, it just have to touch someone where your hands couldn't.)

Image Source
The above lines are not mine but I couldn't help sharing. Once in a blue-moon we meet a person who give you a feeling of meeting someone with whom your frequency matches. They are someone who truly understands you. They know how to handle you in your different moods. Just by some random replies of yours they know something is off with you. They'll just simply know it. Time spent with them just flies by; gives a feeling like only a few moments have been spent with them. Those moments feels like a poetry. You just simply rhyme with them. You feel like you can spend a lifetime with those pals talking or sitting idle. But you never know what life has planned for you ahead. Sometimes you really get lucky and get to spend time with them and sometimes life really tests you by driving them away from you due to one reason or the other, testing you and your patience.

Then there are few tough moments when you just simply wish that you had those pals of yours around you. Sometimes just not to talk to, maybe just to sit idle because the level of comfort you achieve when they're around you is something you never get. Maybe I'll rephrase it to the positive aura you get around them is something you never get around anyone else. You know they'll understand you and won't ask you questions. They may just simply play a random music or start a random topic to deviate your mind of the things. Sometimes just seeing those faces or getting a moment with them cheers you up for the entire day. Those are the people who are truly your soulmate. No matter how much trouble you have, you may not discuss your problems with them but you'll always end up calling or pinging them on chat. Somehow, just by your first ping, they'll know what your mood is right at that moment. To some it all: "Soulmates are beings with whom you end up rhyming".

Luckily I too have a handful of them. 

PS: A word of advice, no matter how hard life be on you or no matter how hard they be on you, try to never loose them.
PPS:  It's a random scribble dedicated to few of those handful of them.

Indian Bloggers

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Horlicks Indiblogger Meet...!!!

A bloggers meet after long time; though few happened, but I was unable to attend them lately due to some prior commitments. When this invite came I was, indeed, really excited.

Well, it was really an eventful evening. Firstly it was sunday, then a blogger's meet in Vivanta by Taj clubbed with Mother's Day celebration. Also, the hall was full with chit-chats as parents were allowed to bring kids with them. Also not to mention the Bangalore was back to its beautiful weather, so a  bike ride to the event was not at all a problem.

First we're welcomed with juices and beverages; only soft drinks (as the event was about health, nutrition and immunity :P ). Well, it was a real fun to have Horlicks after long time.

The event started with a usual introduction and a special video and warm welcome for all the mothers on the special occasion of Mother's Day. It was followed by the presentation by Jill Castle. The talk was really insightful with lots of facts which, not even kids, but are important for adults also. In respect to kids, I was able to relate many nutrition problems as I'm living with my 1.5 years old niece. The points she made about the problems of nutrition in India among kids is of pretty grave concern.

The second half of the event was followed with product presentation; panel discussion and some Q&A. However, the best part of the event came when there was a small quiz and I, fortunately, happened to be part of the winning team. The team members were really smart, as they had the recording and snapshots of all the slides. Obviously, not to convey the special thanks to Google baba for their help. The event concluded with a some hefty amount of Flipkart gift vouchers for our team.

The Winning Team

Later it was an awesome dinner when I finally got the chance to meet few bloggers with whom I was in contact with for around 6+ years. At last it was time to collect the goodies and head home. The event was pretty interactive, to the point, short and sweet. The journey back home was again a pleasant ride to home with cold winds blowing.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Unfinished Business...!!!

People come;
become part of your life; and
leave you to make themselves your life's Unfinished Business. 

PS: This was written as part of prompt "Unfinished Business" by Friday Phrases.

PPS: Life keeps on playing with us. People come and people leave. Only thing that remains is their memories and hence this post...

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