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HE will keep testing you from time to time and you will see lots of UP's and DOWN's......try to never give up, you will definitely succeed in HIS test.....

Isn't time Running Out

Sunday, August 14, 2016

सावन आया ॥

आज बाहर निकला तो मौसम का मिज़ाज कुछ उखड़ा-उखड़ा सा लगा ।
ऊपर देखा तो बादलों में अजीब सी होड़ मची थी ॥

हवाएं इधर-उधर सकपकाई सी भागती हुई लग रही थी ।
थोड़ा आगे बढ़ा तो वृक्षों में एक अलग सा उत्साह नज़र आया ॥
मैंने पूछा "इस उमंग और उल्लास का कारण क्या है ?"
वो झूम के बोले "सावन आया" ॥

PS: The post is inspired by chat with 2 of my friends, Lucifer and another one I call him "Ninja".

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Are you a spell writer?, or
You yourself are a spell?

You've spell bounded me for a long time my friend,
And I'm unable to get out of the spell.

Things feel like I'm floating in an constrained gelly like universe,
Or is it a closed shell?

Sometimes with hazy feelings, it feels like I'm a frog,
Who's unable to come out of his well.

Everything seems so fancier to me,
Am I becoming habituated to this as a dwell?

With no discernible division into parts,
Is it a continuum?

PS: A random scribble from long time ago which I forgot to post. Found it in the old archives.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


A random one from my old archives.

The cold wind brushed past my face, 
As if trying to win any race,
I wondered how it felt to fly by, 
Around everyone exposing their emotions so wry? 

So small they're, yet so refreshing, 
With a fragrance of earth arising, 
As messengers of peace sent from the sky, 
The raindrops fell on my temple in a manner so sly.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

In the name of GOD..!!

Pardon me if words don't rhyme,
Pardon me if they sound unpleasant like a wind chime.

Pardon me today if I sound blunt,
But I promise you that it is no publicity stunt.

Everywhere around us, everyone is fighting,
Around them everyone wants some money-fame-glimmer-lighting.

There is unrest everywhere around us,
If we ponder with a clear mind, situation really sucks.

In the name of GOD, people are killing each other,
Though HE teaches us love and respect, but no one bothers.

The way it’s going, although started to unite,
We might end up categorizing into a religion even those little termites.

Forget what the religion was earlier,
But now to hide the dirty game of power and politics it’s a name which is more like glorified and fancier.

Why don’t we observe the nature around us?
Why don’t we observe those beautiful stars shining in the heavens?

Look at the beautiful sickle-shaped moon, floating like a boat,
But instead we chose to look around on others and on their miseries we gloat.

You maybe anyone, but the same sun and moon has always shone,
Never bifurcating the water around rich and poor, the same river has always flown.

Yet every day we hear cases of honor killings in localities near-by,

Or how easily a terrorist on the name of religion flew it’s plane in a tall tower standing-by.

I still love the people I've loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them,
They may have changed, but it doesn’t mean I’ll just go and blow them.

You asked me for a pictorial depiction of my thoughts here,
But again pardon me if I couldn’t get any sketch as per your desire.

What would have I drawn?
A dying man, who’s someone’s father? or
A dead kid, who’s someone’s son/daughter? or
A starving society, where humans eat like scavenger? or
A rich guy having delicious meal, where he eats less and wastes more?


PS: Only thing I've been certain of lately is: Science will admit when it is wrong, Religion will kill to prove it's right.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Romanticism de Presstitute...!!!

If you shall be poor and denied rights, pick up a sugar
Felt humiliated at lack of jobs, the skills sucked, pick up a sugar
Couldn't handle the rationality of maths pick up a sugar
Religion, mine is best, pick up a sugar
Freedom, Freedom yet deep into corruption, pick up a sugar
Racist rants, with superior racial jibes so pick up a sugar

If only they chose sugar over gun, the "struggle" be sweet.
Selfishness, Narrow minded and closed-off superiority.
Upon a sense of ridiculed Nationalism,
Irony the same Presstitutes shall lick the both sides as and when it fills their coffers.

PS: Another one by Sunny. Though he rarely writes, but whenever he does, he comes up with a masterpiece.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Movie Review: Nil Battey Sannata - A true masterpiece by a Debut Director

Nil Battey Sannata is an emotion-filled story of a single mother, Chanda Sahai and her daughter, Apeksha (Appu). The screenplay by the debut director, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, I must say couldn't have been presented in a better by any director.

The movie is nothing but a smooth running drama without any twists and turns but with some exceptionally brilliant piece of acting and direction. The story is more about a parents' effort for their kids and at the end giving an excellent lesson of importance of education. In the movie, just like any other parent, Chanda, is full of dreams of a bright future of her daughter. She is trying to raise Appu, but finding it difficult along-with all the hard-work and labor she has to do in order to get money for the schooling and food. However, Appu is unable to perform at school and is pretty adamant on not caring for education. A resentful mindset for life-standard which her mother is able to provide her and Chanda not able to understand the situation where how she can help Appu, she is forced to join the same school and class as her daughter. That's where the things take U-turn and triggers a sense of competition in Appu with a challenge from her mother to out-perform her.

Rest of the story continues as an expected family-friendly melodrama. However, I must again add that the movie, along-with the perfect mother-daughter angst which has been portrayed very beautifully and sensitively, is also a perfect example of importance of education in life. The most important lesson which is given at the end of the movie in the last scene is that it's not the parent's limitations, but sometimes what limits us is the efforts which we put in achieving our goals.

Rating: 9.5/10

Yes, it deserves this score.

PS: Another beautiful lesson from the movie is how we kids overlook the efforts that our parents have put to raise us. But sooner or later we end up realizing it, don't we?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

28 and ORPHAN again...!!!

Say No to Old-Age Homes. Respect the people who made you what you are. (Image Source)

Son decides to admit the father in the old age home as desired by his wife (the daughter-in-law).

He brings his father in the car to an Orphanage cum old age home run by a Priest.

The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC , Veg etc. Father says No TV, AC etc.

Son goes out to bring luggage from car. The wife calls up to check whether all fine. And also insists that father need not come home even for festivals.

The Priest appears and immediately starts talking with the old man.

The surprised Son wonders and asks the Priest whether he knows his father before as they were talking as though they knew each other since so many years.

Priest with tears in his eyes says.."yes, yes my son, He came here 28 years back and took with him an orphan boy in adoption."


PS: How easily we youngsters forget what our parents did for us and send them to old-age homes. We ourselves try our best to find the problem of a infant by their crying faces but neglect the crying faces of people who did the same with us when we're infants and reject them? Say NO to OLD-AGE Homes. Respect the people who made you what you are.

PPS: I came across this short story and couldn't resist myself from instantly sharing it here. It may sound a bit filmy to many, but it's enough to give the message to any sensible person.

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