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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just One Click & You Can Help Someone FREE OF COST...!!!

According to the latest numbers, only 29.8% of people in India are POOR, is it really true...??? Well, government says if you're earning 32 rupees every day and you're living in villages, then you're not poor. Also if you're able to earn 47 rupees every day in a city, then you're not poor. How can 47 or 32 rupees can fulfill your basic necessities. You won't be able to get one proper meal in 79 rupees (47+32) forget about 47 and 32 individually. These days even Public toilet also costs you up to 2 to 5 rupees just to allow you to attend your nature calls.

Along with that people have their basic needs, FOOD/SHELTER/CLOTHING. From where will they get that...??? Because if you roam around naked, People and Police will beat the shit out of you. Don't believe me, watch this video below.


In short, shelter and clothing is necessary.

Every religion in India is allowed to follow their own customs, then why ain't this...??? so if you believe me, the actual number of poor in India has to be somewhere around, ummm, 


That's pretty scary. However, their are many organizations trying to come up and are doing a lot about it these days. Recently I came across an organization, its actually unregistered right now so not exactly an organization, formed by 12 people. I personally believe, it's basically an awesome initiative keeping in mind people and families who belong to IT sector because I've observed people working in IT don't bother to bargain anywhere and like to spend money for luxury and waste time on internet like anything. However when asked to donate, they never do that. So there is this group who came up with this concept for such type of crowd in India. Visit to:


and you'll see 2 links that redirect you to "" and "", the two most visited online shopping websites in India.

Just visit these links and you'll be directly forwarded to their respective homepages. No delay. No extra ads. No extra charges. Just 1% to 5% of what you'll shop will be donated by Amazon and Flipkart. Easy, isn't it...???

Here's a video distributed by the group, please have a look:


If not directly, then lets try to make the world in which we're living a better world by spending a time by doing 1 extra click.

PS: Please do bookmark this link if you feel it's worth it.

PPS: For this page specifically, You've to disable any Ad-Blocker Add-ons if you've in your browser.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dinner Will be Served...!!!

No offenses to anyone(ASUS or Indiblogger). Everyone is putting the traditional header. So I thought, let me put the actual title for the post. The line which tempted many to come for the meet. Partially true for myself too. Don't believe me, ask anyone. One fellow even mentioned it on being asked his reason to come there is, "It was mentioned in the mail that Dinner will be served."

Okay...lets get back to business. The reasons why I went to the meet...???

Asus reminded me of my first computer, which is now more than 10 years old. It has Asus motherboard and its still working. So our relationship goes way back and personal. That's why I had to go. The products are very reliable. Similarly, Zenfone series, never heard any shits about it. Their attempt in the phone market is really successful unlike Moto G, where reactions were mixed. And now they have released EeeBook X205TA.

The specs, considering the price range, are really good. Lets hope this also succeeds like their other initiatives.


Now few other reasons which were equally responsible for me going for the meet...
I always used to think that "Corporate" is scary. Actually it proved to be right. Just 6 months into the job(still 2 days short of it) and I've almost stopped visiting my own page forget about scribbling something. I saw elders getting exhausted after days work and I used to wonder how sitting on chair in front of a screen exhausts you? Well it does. You don't feel like doing anything after that. Just have dinner and surrender yourself to your bed. I don't even feel like opening the laptop for movies... :( is crazy...By giving weird opportunities it keeps on reminding you things from your past...sometimes they might be good one, sometimes bad... This time it proved to be good. the invite for an Indiblogger Meet by Asus reminded me that I have a blog(my dearest of all)... ;)

Also, Initially I was like "Kya yaar Friday ko rakh di meet, saturday yaan sunday ko rakh dete to kya chala jata". Then I realized..."Dude, Stretch the weekend...Leave early from office... :D" After all the venue was ITC Gardenia. Who'll miss it...??? Especially when they have mentioned specifically in the mail that DINNER WILL BE SERVED. So I reached the Venue directly from office with the Laptop and all other accessories I take to the company. ;)

So, after reaching there, as always I expected it to be a partially entertaining and partially boring...But thanks to Indiblogger and my small gang there, it was real fun. Games, Snacks and the most important part for any IT guy is the opportunity to get introduced to any latest gadget which is being released to the market. It started with usual fun activities and fortunately continued on and on. No one realised that how 4 hours passed. Everyone was fresh and energetic even though they have already spent their whole day at office and came.

Anyways, for those who missed the meet, you missed the first Indiblogger meet of 2015. So lets conclude with some pics:

Someone was targetting some real candid shots...!!!

 Few of us...!!!

 Random... ;)

With the Boss from Asus..!!!

PS: Now finally a request for Indiblogger Organizers: There was a long gap this time between the meets, please do it more frequently for the sake of us(IT guys). We really need a break at regular intervals... :(

PPS: Once again, for those who missed it, Dinner was awesome ;) 

Monday, December 29, 2014

WHAT...??? WHY...??? HOW...???

Long time since I've visited my own page. Good old days they were when I had time to do such things. It also seems a long time when I got sometime for my own. Either call it schedule or Life, whatever pleases you, it certainly gets busy when you start working. College was such a bliss.

WARNING: It's a very confused post by a guy who is very confused with his life right now. Be careful before moving forward.

Life sometimes acts weird. Well...that's what everyone says, isn't it? However, from my own recent experience, actually we say this only when we start expecting too much. Obviously we fail on few things and that's where we think "Why the hell this happens to me only?" But we forget the many unexpected things which we have been gifted by life.

About 9 months back, when I started my internship, I wrote a post "Out of the box, Into the Cubicle". That was the time when I got started getting pissed off from the company environment during my internship. I got so much saturated that I decided, I'll never continue here(at least where I'm right now because I can get a job somewhere and if not, then being a Masters I can easily get a job of Asst. Prof. Obviously there I can pursue my ultimate dream of doctorate).

Well, then one day, one of my friend(my current flatmate) forced me to sit in a company which I thought will not be having any work of my interest, henceforth, I'll never attempt in that. But as everyone says, you never know where your fate will lead you to, I ultimately got selected in the company I was never serious for. The proof of me not being serious is I was reading "The House of Mosque" during interview breaks. As a result of that  funny incident happened when I joined the company.

My interviewers saw me during lunch time and asked me, 

Interviewer: "Hey Sabby, How are you man? Did you recognize us?"
At once I replied, "No...!!!"
Then he told that he only took my interview.
Big Company means 2 weeks of initial training. Hence few days passed, I was called by my manager to introduce me to the team and then only I realized "I'll be working under the same guy who took my interview".
The two people who were smiling at the end were me and my interviewer(both on myself).
(If only you can understand my situation at that time)

But a human being can never be satisfied. Now I'm wondering about few other questions. Unlike my internship, I'm enjoying the work and the work environment here. But now it feels like my mind will never let me calm down. Few standard old questions I'm still wondering that when I'll figure out the answer to them is: 

WHAT - WHY - HOW...???

1) What is my purpose in life..Apart from earning money for my family ..??
2) Why I'm doing what I'm doing..I am happy but am I mentally satisfied..??
3) How will it lead me to my ultimate grand finale..If and only if I'm meant to do something that "grand"..??

In short,

The two most important days in your life are the
day you were born and the day you find out why.
                                                    - Mark Twain

I'm waiting for the second day. Well yes, as it sounds, I guess I'm very much confused. But anyways, it's no time to stop. It's time to go on with life and brace myself for every situation in this new phase of life I've stepped into...That's how I need to start and give myself a new beginning...

 "Zindagi...Aa rha hun main"
(Life...I'm coming)

PS: Never ever forget your interviewer if you're going on offcampus placement process...!!!

Anyways...Happy New Year...!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bending of iPhone6: A Revolution...???

There have been hundreds of videos and memes to make fun of bending of iPhone6. But this seems the only video praising the bending feature of iPhone. A Must Watch...!!!

That's what we call as "Keh k Lena" :P

PS: It's was fun watching different videos making fun of iPhone6, but this one was literally ROFL...!!!

PPS: Click Here to watch, if the video doesn't work for you.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

"BailRock" and "Boogaloo" a.k.a. "FUTURE FUNK"...!!!

***Future Funk***
The youngest ever dance group with 2 kids, BailRock and Boogaloo, 9 years and 5 years respectively...!!!

 I couldn't resist myself from sharing this video. Its from one of the auditions from "America's Got Talent".

PS: No words needed to describe this talent. Just watch it, you'll know.


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