Life's Like That...!!!

HE will keep testing you from time to time and you will see lots of UP's and DOWN's......try to never give up, you will definitely succeed in HIS test.....

Isn't time Running Out

Monday, April 30, 2018

Euphonious Cacophony

When the wind blows really fast,
Be prepared, for a strange stormy impact.
As it may get tough to stay steadfast,
You might wanna prepare to blame God for this act.

Neither the nature, nor the creatures,
Nothing would be agile.
Life would be still,
And that will continue to be the scenario for a while.

Walking down the strangely calm street,
I observed an uprooted tree.
Branches and leaves torn from their roots, lay scattered
Like dead weed across the shore of a sea.

Storm took its toll on everyone,
Life started giving a feel like it is in its interlude.
But at dawn, as the first ray permeated,
Nature's elements began to collude.

From a dead bark of tree,
I saw a butterfly come out in June.
Trying to match the colorful movement of their fluttering wings,
Birds also started to chirp in tune.

Suddenly, the crickets chirping in silence at night,
Was no more a cacophony.
There was just some need to fine-tune the perspective,
When it all became a euphony.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekend Morning Rush-Hour...!!

It's Saturday.

It's not even 9 in the morning. I'm yet again standing on my terrace. Wind has a slight chill in it. Sun has not exactly shown properly in days. Although it is trying it's best to come out of clouds as if it's tired of hiding behind but looks like clouds are winning again.

However, I see a rush outside. People are already running for their work. Is it work? I doubt. Some might have work but others are on their way to resolve the errands which normally they won't get time to do on weekdays. I see lot of bikes and loaders passing by the road next to our house. With all such lifestyle, people are getting less and less sensitive with every passing day. Something in all this reminded of these lines I heard sometime back:

There's a rhythm in rush these days
Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams
In a world gone shallow
In a world gone lean

Beautiful lines, right?

Anyway, I see that in my society people are already drying clothes in their balcony. I think it’s better to do it early. Lately the rains are pretty consistent starting early in the evening.


It started drizzling suddenly...

I was standing out on my terrace and saw these strangely beautiful shades, as if they're trying to tell some story.

There was a strange, unsettling sound of traffic from the road next to the house. Bikers speeding up to reach their destination and avoid getting drenched after days’ work. Yet amidst these noises of bikes and four-wheelers, rain still slowly managed to over shadow every noise that could reach any ear...then there was a sudden sense of peace which you'll feel if you continue to stand out there and try to experience it...

It was beautiful...!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


**** Human Brain acts strangely. I was just sitting and admiring rain on my bean-bag, when these lines clicked me. I'm not a musician, so couldn't describe the random tune which I was humming, but then I ended up writing these. Well, I think this random one deserves to be dedicated to my future partner. (TO WHOM-SO-EVER IT MAY CONCERN). ****

I wanna be with you;
Sitting on a bean bag, 
Next to you.

Sipping hot coffee,
In rainy weather, 
Next to you.

If you're watching some movie,
I wanna watch it,
Sitting next to you.

If you're reading some book,
Then I'll just sit,
And write one on you.

Be they hard times or not,
I wanna be with you, 
Next to you.

Sharing each and every moment
With YOU. 

PS: Thanks to Bangalore rains due to which I was in a house arrest today admiring the beautiful weather.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Escape Character..!!

Tired and exhausted,
    Sitting by the road.
Lost in the thoughts,
    Too many impulses about to overload.

Day dreaming all the events,
    While lorries rumbled down the lane.
A stone launched from under the tyre,
    Sudden conscience was regained but definitely with pain.

    Not the best way to describe it.
It was just the thought to run away,
    Into a world that’s known a little bit.

    Yes, the surroundings were agnostic.
Though it gave a desire to escape,
    To be a character in a reality that’s realistic.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Mirrored Spaces..!!

Lonely and restricted,
    That's what it may appear.
Hollow and shallow,
    Yeah, deep within for him it was creepier.

They kept a mirror all around,
    It scared him a bit.
He fell into the thoughts,
    "For the world around him, is he a fit?"

Every second millions of words,
    Came to his mind.
When he tried to pen them down,
    None were so kind.

Worried and bothered,
    About what others might think.
When he was in the crowd,
    Scared, he wasn't exactly sure even how to blink.

People in the surrounding made him feel awkward,
    While he just tried to figure out some link.
However, there were few who made him feel "normal",
    Together with them, in random thoughts, he liked to sink.

Though most of the time his life to him felt obscure,
    His days ended sometimes with crying eyes.
But thanks to those awkwardly normal souls,
    'coz with them he won't have to worry about those prying eyes.

PS: Wrote this long time back as a task where I was asked to look into the mirror and write whatever come to my mind in 15min.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Beautiful Message to end 2016..!!

Everyone dies alone;
If you meant something to someone;
If you helped someone;
If you loved someone;
If even a single person remembers you;
Then maybe you never really die
and maybe


PS: I'm pretty sure those who used to follow the TV series: Person of Interest must be smiling right now.

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