Mommy and Daddy, I Love My School..!!💗

My daddy wakes me up at six in the morning,
And says, "Wake up, it's time to go to school."
My mommy helps me put my uniform,
It make me look so cool.

Shoes, yes.
Tie, yes.
Daddy and mommy said, "God bless".
Before I forget, ID Card. Yeaassss.

Mommy packed my lunch.
Yumm... Yumm... Yumm...
Going to school is merry.
Because I sing with my friends, "Humm... Humm... Humm..."

Ooppss, the bus has come,
So I ran in a hurry.
Driver uncle said, "I'll wait,
Please don't worry."

I board my bus at seven, 
Off it goes.. zooooom.
We do our assembly,
And then go to classroom.

I love doing drawing,
Ms. Lily is my favorite teacher.
Friendly and always smiling,
She calls me "Naughty little creature".

We eat our lunch,
And play in the afternoon.
Sometimes I play hide and seek,
Sometimes I play with balloons.

We then study math,
Two candy and two candy, makes it four.
Then we study science,
I love how tiger roar.

Oooowww, it's time to go home,
We board the bus again from school.
I'll tell my mommy and daddy,
That "I love my school."

PS: Someone asked me if I could write a poem for (in his words) gugu-gagas, i.e., primary school kids. Here's what I could come up with. One of my friend and my flatmate liked it so much that here I am putting it on my blog. First official kids post. 😂

Hope you enjoyed it. Take care.



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