Back to Job.....

When one don't have anything to do, then its the time when something mischievous comes to everyone's mind and its the time how one uses his/her empty slot...either doing something or sitting idle and doing day dreaming...... Actually from the very first semester of our college, there's something to irritate me and unfortunately, its gonna accompany me for all the 8 semester.....our college is just trying to help us but its proving to be of no use, they are teaching us a subject named "Professional Development(PD)" which is proving to be a torture for us..... Let me tell you why it is have to learn and vomit each and every single word during exams. You have so much to learn that surely you gonna forget something and this has brought so much misfortune for me......This is the only subject in which i have proved myself a "below average student" and due to it only my CGPA has dropped. I have earlier mentioned my frustration for this subject...."A Degraded "D" grade in pD" when i was about to get a "D" grade in PD but somehow i managed a glorious "C" grade. However, I never let my time to go in vain....and i started one of my hobbies once again after 5 years and in my 2nd semester i finally started drawing are my drawings which i did in last semester "INNER TALENT EVOKED....!!!!" Now after 4 months after the end of 2nd semester i started it again when i started getting bored by this are some of my masterpieces from the back of "classmate notebook"...haha... 1) 2) One thing i forgot to tell you, these all were made during the lecture as attending the lecture was compulsory to fullfill 80% attendance criteria.....soon i will try to update this post.....haha.....


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