Totally useless...!!!

From a long time i was busy, so i was unable to scribble for such a long time.....You might be thinking that what the hell in this world i was doing that i was so busy.....Actually, i didn't had any problem from all the assignments but the project work in a subject that is totally useless in engineering. We all were making project for our "PHOTOSHOP". Why the hell are we learning this in our engineering???? Is the college ensuring that they are not going to provide us proper placement, so those who are not satisfied with the so called placement, (I'll call it formality by the college), shall go and sit in some photo studio and get some satisfactory salary according to the work provided. First we were designing it in photshop, then we were made to design it again in illustrator because it gets blurred in photoshop.......then why the hell we were not asked to design it directly in photoshop????? Well, this is what i made.......A POSTER.......for a conference.......haha........ And due to all this useless work we don't get anytime to study other important subjects and then at the end of the semester, when we don't get proper grades and cgpa, parents say that "beta what did you do during your whole semester???".....what to say....leave it.....i'll catch u l8r........bbye......njoy.........


  1. ohhhoo as usual pareshan...beta btech isi ko kehet hai..;)

  2. arey just a publicity stunt....lolzzz....


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