X is still an Unknown

Hmmm.....so this is our Exams time and look what none of us were studying just because we have to give synopsis of some project..... And here comes the main issue......"we can't take those topics which have been made in the past couple of semesters or last year or so".....and we have not been even properly introduced to our subject.....UNIX. I asked many of my sister friend who graduated from computer science field and they also were unable to help me.....also that guy in my I'm "F9" post..... So finally I searched and searched and searched and finally got some ideas and thought that lets consult it with the faculty....one of them knew the subject very well. But how to find him????? Either he is found roaming around with some of the lady faculty or in their cabins.....never in the class and never in his own cabin.....somehow i was successful and i found him.....and he suggested me....."X-Windows"....what the hell is this????? That was my first reaction when i heard about it.....but he gave me a rough idea and asked me to get some more idea and then he'll help me..... So, i moved to our main faculty to consult her.....i thought she might be knowing about it atleast some brief idea.....but she also gave me the same reaction.....what the hell is this????? I was left blank and thanked her for the help and moved on to search on the topic as nothing was left to be made..... I kept searching about the very famous old and famous unknown variable that has rejoined my life in a new form....."X-Window"....the whole 3 days and 2 night and finally got some confidence that it might not remain unknown for me in the long run.....i understood something about it...atleast so much that i can submit the synopsis...... But still this "X" is unknown for me......I know about it but still don't know about it......haha.....:P


  1. Very amusing. Let us know when u find X

  2. :D

    bas ye 'X' jaldi samajh aa jaye...nhi toh project gya :-(

  3. ex windows is dos :) LOL reminds me of my college days.

  4. @ayush...just chill dude.....evrythng will be fine......

    @srivats.....its gud that it reminded you of your college days.....


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