A morning walk......

You might be wondering how can i be so much punctual to have a morning walk, especially being a hostler, its almost impossible......lolzzz....:P But there are still a couple of them who have the guts to wake up in the morning to go to gym, morning walk, jogging, etc...etc...etc...ohhh...the most important thing i forgot to mention.....Its getting up in the morning at right and having breakfast....its all over at 9 in the morning.....now you can understand how much difficult it is to have it. Its been almost 1 month when I had my last breakfast(and its was at my sweet home...) Actually, today I got up early in the morning, so thought of having a round of the area near the hostel as i was not in a mood to go for a long walk.....But there was nothing to see around and in going far you will get a lot of traffic, dust, and all..... No greenery(that's what everyone searches for during the early morning walk), all around.....and that just reminded me of my days in KANPUR...... Right now, my father has shifted to Bhopal after retirement, and I'm here at Noida doing my B.Tech.....so having no such greener place nearby.....I was remembering the park where I used to have a morning walk(sounds very strange....)--NANA RAO PARK..only during my breaks(as school starts early so no time for a walk).... Just a calm and composed atmosphere all around.....when you reach there latest by 5:30 in the morning.....its really a beautiful morning, no sound of traffic, no tension on the faces of anyone, no disturbances in the surroundings......Just a cool fresh breeze went brushing past the leaves making a blissful sound, and this accompanied the sound of birds twittering(like a cherry on the cake).....a great combination indeed.....gives a real peace to your mind.....Loved to go there..... This was among one of the few places at Kanpur where you could have a sigh of relief.....and get yourself relaxed, making yourselves free of tensions of this whole world.....;) This was one of the reason why i loved to be at Kanpur.....there are many other reasons, but limited ways to tell them.....so will be back with more of my memories of Kanpur......bbye.....


  1. :)) though i didn't go there much for walk.. but yes there are many reasons for missing kanpur.. :|

    btw when did u click this??

  2. I knw wat it felt.. Coz luckily i also gt the chance to go for walk either with you or smtyms alone too.. Always miss kanpur a lot..


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