Not Again.....

Seems that some bad days are going on.....Something or the other is happening around me that's somehow distracting my mind completely. You can say that they are somehow a sort of similar, but completely different.....different in the sense that they are not inter-related but somehow they all get linked to me.....and disturb my routine life..... A couple of weeks ago, Death of Rahul Dhamija, it completely ruined my tests and unfortunately i was not even able to enjoy the silver jubilee of my parents.....In a sense it was totally got ruined(on my behalf).....and now 3-4 days before just a nice friend of mine lost her mother.....totally unexpected and shocking news for everyone..... Ok.....none of them were related to me.....but Dhamija was a close friend of mine, just some thoughts still keep coming across my mind. Similarly the second case, if something like that happens to any of your friend, what will be your reaction????? Just try to think about it, you will get the answer that how why some of these events keep disturbing oneself..... I know that one can't ignore such events of life.....but is it possible, that i stay out of all these incidents or they don't happen around me for a while....don't know.... Nothing much to say, as all these incidents are already accompanied with other tensions of gotta look after them.....cya later......bbye......


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