Will Einstein be recalculating his theory...???

That's the question everyone of might be thinking and those who are not will surely have to think after reading this...


BTW just to give you a brief...

CERN...The inventor of the world's first ever web server and the one who's monitoring LHC(Large Hadron Collider) - the biggest particle accelerator with circumference of 27Km - has made a discovery or you must say "discovery of the millennium" in which they found a particle - neutrino - which crossed the speed of light. Some of you might be thinking that its the same old confusion in which particle gains a lot of mass while reaching that stage, or something like that...but its not so, this is a new one...

Isn't it amazing...??? :P

However, if it is not proved wrong(and obviously I don't want it to be proved wrong), then many theories and concepts of physics has to be recalculated including Einstein's E=MC^2 relation.

I must say that if this is true, then many of the unsolved theories(or mysteries) of science can be re-evaluated and proved right, like achieving the state of invisibility which can only be achieved if any matter crosses the speed of light, i.e. again violating the Einstein theory.

PS: The group of most learned scientist(CERN Scientist) were not able to prove it wrong, lets see if anyone else can do it or not...will you???



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