My Teachers...!!!

Since ancient times, teachers are treated as more respectable than GOD as if he/she wouldn't have been there, then who would have guided us to the place where we stand today and I completely agree with it. Some of you might might not agree with this fact as they will say that their life has been a misery all the time, but I would say the teacher is there to give you directions, he can only guide you through the journey of life but on which path you gonna travel has to be decided by you. You're the one who's gonna take the decisions of your life. None of your teachers and friends will help you, they can only support you. BTW I'm not here to make any debate on what's right or wrong, but just to share the names of some of the best teacher's of my life who have always been a source of inspiration for me and have always guided me in journey of life to the point where I'm today. Here are they(in the order in which I met them as my teacher)... 1) Mr. Pritam Singh & Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur (my parents): 2) Mr. Vimal Kumar Goenka (my physics teacher): 3) Inderdeep Kaur (my sister): 4) The Secret (I guess it requires no introduction): 5) Mr. Shamim Akhter (My VLSI faculty and BTP(Bachelor Thesis Project) Mentor) : I just can't thank them in words for the things they have done to me...Still I've to say...Thank-you for everything... :) Happy Teacher's Day to all of you... :) I think neither I nor you should question about how one becomes your true teacher, If he/she is your teacher, you'll get to know yourself, but after that also you shouldn't question that how he/she can be your teacher... cya...


  1. :) u too taught me a few things... so wish u the same :) :)


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