Two Ladies...Two BIG Surprises...and One Shocked Victim...!!! :O

Obviously life in itself is full of gifts, but when you get some gift from your loved and dear ones...and that too when you didn't expect it from the person, especially at that particular point of time when someone needed some boost up from their near ones due to too many sudden ups and downs in life that he/she is not left of what the person really was earlier...then that becomes a true surprise...because it reminds the person that he/she too has someone who cares for him/her... ;)

That's my definition of surprise and frankly speaking...I got 2 of them...yeaahhh...and I was left just dumbstruck for some time after getting each of them...

1) A MUG by my sweet friend cum Sister...

2)  an astonishing video by another sweet friend of mine...Surbhi...

Believe me...Both of you really left me blank for few moments... :O

PS: To both the Ladies...I owe you a million or may be more for these surprisingly great surprises...Frankly speaking...I'm not as good as you both...and don't know how to thank you for it...Hope I soon get creative enough to come up with something at-least 1% beautiful of what you gave me... ;)

Thanks again for the surprises...GOD bless u both... :)


  1. Beautiful gifts, they really are! :D

  2. God has blessed you with such lovely people around you. Never lose them Sarabjeet.

    1. never...losing such treasures is worse than dying... :)

  3. Very nice gifts! You are so lucky to have such loving friends :)

  4. thats a sweet gesture ...lovely gifts !

  5. cheer up nd be happy u have such lovely ppl wid happy always always always so life will get bored making u unhappy..
    god bless :)

    1. haha...that was sweet one from u...thanks a lot dear...I'll definitely take care from now on... :)

  6. Paaji.. little things make us more happy .. and what a lovely gift both the ladies have done..
    God bless them ..

    Hope you make sure not to hurt them ever tooooo .. :) take care my friend

    Open letter to all Indians-Bikram's

    1. I'll die before I hurt them or let anybody hurt them...they r my treasures earned... :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these things with us.

  8. Lovely...
    Lucky man U ARE sarbjeet ....
    mug - too cute nd video too good
    thanku so much for sharing this sweet nd adorable post ~~

  9. Fantastic. You are lucky to have those two ladies, friends and the sister! That makes five, doesn't it, Sarabjeet?

  10. Lovely surprises indeed. Very sweet of them and lucky you. :)

  11. I'm so happy for you.. You have such wonderful friends! I love the video, so cute! Your dancing pic is superb! :))


  12. Hi Sarab! :)
    Wow! I can see some special surprises! You are lucky to have such sweet Dear Ones!
    Everyone needs such support at times to move on..
    I love that Mug by your sweet siso! Amazing art!
    Video is all telling about my so talented buddy!

    Stay happy and smiling!

  13. Wooow..:)
    HOW SWEET..!
    lil things make us feel soooo gud..:)
    Be happy..:)


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