When "Joblessness" meets "Creativity"...!!!

"Creativity", if used in a proper way and at proper place, can help a person either reach cloud #9 or sometimes it will help you reach somewhere...okay, why should I say, you are wise enough... :P

and then "Joblessness"...will either bring out your talent to the fullest or will frustrate you to the fullest...well...that completely depends on you...and if you don't know your talent...this is the best time to realize what talents you have... ;)

and I guess this guy has found out his talent...and he must definitely be seriously jobless to do this much...but I loved it... ;)

PS: A true example of "Joblessness" + "Creativity"... ;)


  1. :D thats actually creativity.. loved it. But i think somewhere i hv seen smthing similar.

    Btw thats how basically animation films are made na..

    1. yeahhh...but I dnt think that someone sits and makes all the drawings on paper... :P

  2. Oh! Wow! That's an awesome creation!

    In animation, there are several tools to repeat some recurrent work But, drawing everything frame by frame is so difficult!

    Sometimes, boredom, joblessness and even loneliness can bring out creativity in us!

    Beautiful post :)

  3. simply creativity at its best !!! well i just found out that JOB stands for JUST OVER BROKE (JOB) :D :P

  4. Haha! That is some talent. Brilliant creativity. Joblessness or not, those guys sure have some talent. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing this bro. :)

  5. that was amazing ! it must have taken that person forever to draw each sement up ! kudos to the effort . I do agree with the point that being jobless sure sets the creativity on flame . . :)

    1. Thats what I was wondering that from where did he get that "forever" time...how can someone has no other job to do... :P

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  8. heights of vellapanti...but awesome creativity :)

  9. o my god ...its too great .Wonderful creation ..really i loved it ..it's simply awesome!! Liked it !!

    1. me too loved it...but I was not able to ignore the joblessness factor... :P

  10. I don't think creativity need a reason to explode.It can occur during coffee breaks of a very hectic job.
    Yes this was beautiful and he sure was jobless to go through so much of hard work.
    I liked the picture on your blog. Its very mystic.
    Following you..

    DO have a quick peek on my blog if you get chance..



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