Out of the BOX, Into the CUBICLE...!!!

3 months back, I was on phone with my brother-in-law, when he said, "Sarabjeet, now you're about to start your internship and soon you'll working. So get ready as there will be an unexpected change in your life which you might not realize, but get ready for it."

This conversation was made before I started my internship and finally, here I guess I've observed it.

I always saw my father, going to office early in the morning and coming back late in the evening. Sometimes, it was even dinner time when he used to return. I always wondered, what his life is like...??? In-fact, not only his, but for every working person I used to think the same way that is there any social life left for a person when he works all the day long throughout the week...??? What is his family life like...??? Actually, does he/she has any family life...??? One more question always bothered was, When both husband-wife are working, when do they see each others faces or when do they get time to talk...??? When do they get time for themselves...??? When do they get time to exercise, or do they just sit on chair and reach old age...???

Many such questions are there and then I used to think, I'll try not to get into such type of life, atleast for as long as I can avoid it. This was before I joined my bachelors in 2008, because after that, I didn't get much time to think about working professionals as I was mostly in the hostel. But soon at the end of my fourth year, I was again thinking the same, as I was supposed to start working at some place.

Life was about to change, but fortunately, I got into my masters and it was delayed for another 2 years and I realized, that avoiding after that...it wasn't that easy as either I have to go for another masters degree or PhD(which you know is not that easy).

So for my Mtech, I got busy. I used to say, there is no difference in weekends and weekdays as we'll be working on some college project on almost all the 7 days of the week. But somehow it felt like there were 7 days in the week and life was easy. There wasn't any hard schedule. But it had to end, and it did. Hence, finally it came.

Now, when I see my juniors, their life is almost the same, but for us its no more of 7 days a week. It appears more of a 3 days/week. Yeah-Yeah...3 days only, (Considering my schedule of Mon-Fri, these 5 days appears to be just 1 day and Saturday and Sunday are 2 days). Once you get up on Monday morning, Friday is the only day when you get some relief (Can't help, that's how our office routine is).

Mon-Fri Routine:

1) Get up at 5:30am,
2) Leave for office at 7am,
3) Come back at 7pm(if coming early, else its 8:45pm),
4) Sleep latest by 11:30pm.

So, I guess finally its time to accept that a very much delayed and a long avoided moment has arrived and I've finally joined the BIG HERD of guys of Indian IT sector. It was supposed to start 2 years back but somehow it got delayed due to masters. But now is the time to accept the changes...

As for the title:

Out of the BOX, Into the CUBICLE...!!!

Well, yes, its one of my ways of putting the recent changes that came into my life.

Earlier I used to wonder that what is it like to sit in the office and work, as I was most of the time in a lab, you can imagine it as a closed BOX (as mentioned in the title), and now almost all of my time, its cubicle in which I'm surrounded.

After all the restrictions put on us in the box, i.e., the college, I used to think that apart from those who did PhD, who gets much opportunity to think and innovate, considering colleges always talk about Research and Innovation and Development. But there was quite a bit of it and it was good.

Now the question is:

Hmmm...So answer to thinking out of the box...???

Well, it took me 6 years to make comment on how much of R&D is possible in colleges. So its time to see that how much Research and Innovation and Development is possible, when I'm in a company, i.e., a cubicle, as they also talk a lot about it in the same way. But its too early to say anything as I've just joined it and its not even complete 3 months. At least I should give it half the time.

PS: Life has just started and I guess I'm thinking quite a bit already about my future. Time to enjoy it is...!!!

Lets See...Will get back to you soon with the updates...!!!


  1. I wish you all the best in your new innings bro. :)

  2. I just started working !! No cubicles though. I am a lawyer.

    1. OMG...God Bless You dear...

      PS: You haven't slept in 48 hours and thats what my point was...How much of life people get once they start working like this...??? :P

  3. It will be different and enjoyable I am sure! :)
    Wishing you all the best in your new innings!

    1. Yeahhh...it has a different type of fun...lets see how soon I get used to this... :)

      Thanks a lot Indrani... :)

  4. All the best.
    Juts take it as it comes.

  5. First congrats on your new job and hope you would have a great time there. Into the cubicle, I guess you will have a life earning for all the hard work you have done in our life and enjoy!

  6. Many congratulations on the new job & wish you all the best!!
    Been 6.5 years for me & Life's not as bad as u foresee it ;)
    Make good choices, give it sometime & you are going to enjoy this phase.....

    1. Thanks Hemant... :)
      As of now, I'm not exactly foreseeing anything...just observing... (If you know what i mean) :P


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