Many don't have "ANY" to celebrate "ANY" such "DAY"...!!!

All round the year we either don't talk about our parents, and when we do, half of the time we're like complaining that they don't understand us, keep correcting us, keep restricting us and similar other zillion types of complaints. But then suddenly on one day, all our hearts in the world come out overflowing with our love for our Father(on Father's Day) and for our Mother(on Mother's Day) that too only on social media.

That's how the young generation acts like. We'll see their posts every other day with adjectives like "baby", "sweetoo", "jaanu", etc... but never ever a post remembering parents, except those single days.

I'm not complaining. Neither I'm trying to act smart or older. I'm just quoting the fact which all of you will very much agree to, no matter how much you try to defend it.

However, there are many who don't get the privilege to celebrate any such day because they don't have any and there are few who don't get to celebrate because they keep hesitating to take an initiative in the same regards.

The unprivileged I'm talking about are those orphans who either lost their parents or somehow their real parents lost their minds and betrayed them. And the one who don't take initiative are those couples who somehow don't get to have a child, but don't take any initiatives to adopt one due to fear of the society.

Here is a short film inspired from a real incident from Iraq during the war...!!!

In India, since the day we were born, the first question which a child automatically learns to ask is "If we do something, what will the society say..??" You live in 21st century, You don't think about society when you go out and get doped, even get so much high that you can't even walk straight. Then why are you scared of comments from society when you want to improve and make a life prosperous...??? Adopting can bring smile and life back to normal for all the people involved...Just think about it once. For especially those who need it, don't think, just go ahead, don't hesitate...!!!

Anyways, coming back to where we started, hasn't it become more like a competition for "On such days, who can show their love for their parents in a better way using one on social networking?"

Guys, at least think before writing something for someone on just one day using just one post on social media, especially for those who are not even on that social media(like your parents, is true for many). Your friends will never go and tell your parents that your son/daughter loves you so much via social media. Even those who liked and commented on your post, they also won't. If you really love them, then there are much better ways to express your love any day than making these publicity stunts on single day. If you love your parents, then posting won't increase or decrease your love for them. But yeah, for regular attendants of FB, it will definitely increase the number of "likes" and "awww" on their profiles.

Its like when your FB friends see your birthday notification, then even those who doesn't even remember how many decades back last time they met you, will definitely wish you...!!!

PS: The post is just my thoughts... No offenses meant for anyone. ;)

PPS: But once again, Adopting will bring a smile and life back to normal for all the people involved...Just think about it once. For especially those who need it, don't think, just go ahead, don't hesitate...!!!


  1. I do agree with each of your ideas shared above. I think, in the society a tendency of ''showing'' after acquiring the materialistic things now it is conquering the emotions and close relations too....where, sadly...we have made ourselves so busy in tending rather actually doing it.

    Worth read it was!

    1. Wish everyone understands that...!!!
      Thanks :)

  2. No comments since I am against half the things you said here and also you said that none of my defenses shall affect you :)

    1. No issues my dear...that's why its a place where one can express oneself freely...I'm glad you commented that you didn't liked... :)

  3. Totally agree with you sir. world is very very clever. people say one thing, do another while thinking of something else.

    Although I dont mind if someone is just contacting me on one day in a year .. thats their problem.. it does not effect me .. their mentality

    I do what i fele right :)

    sad though


    1. That's what I appreciate in you Bikram...Happy go lucky attitude... :)

  4. I am totally in favour of adoption. I really dont understand why do people fear in taking such a noble step. And yes, I agree showing love to your parents rather than just posting something on facebook is more important. Though I am not against any such posting. P.S. I dont really post such things on my wall but I dont mind seeing them either. But yes, as I said, it is necessary to show your parents your love.. !

    1. Indeed...thats what is most important...we shouldn't forget... :)


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