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According to the latest numbers, only 29.8% of people in India are POOR, is it really true...??? Well, government says if you're earning 32 rupees every day and you're living in villages, then you're not poor. Also if you're able to earn 47 rupees every day in a city, then you're not poor. How can 47 or 32 rupees can fulfill your basic necessities. You won't be able to get one proper meal in 79 rupees (47+32) forget about 47 and 32 individually. These days even Public toilet also costs you up to 2 to 5 rupees just to allow you to attend your nature calls.

Along with that people have their basic needs, FOOD/SHELTER/CLOTHING. From where will they get that...??? Because if you roam around naked, People and Police will beat the shit out of you. Don't believe me, watch this video below.

In short, shelter and clothing is necessary.

Every religion in India is allowed to follow their own customs, then why ain't this...??? so if you believe me, the actual number of poor in India has to be somewhere around, ummm, 


That's pretty scary. However, their are many organizations trying to come up and are doing a lot about it these days. Recently I came across an organization, its actually unregistered right now so not exactly an organization, formed by 12 people. I personally believe, it's basically an awesome initiative keeping in mind people and families who belong to IT sector because I've observed people working in IT don't bother to bargain anywhere and like to spend money for luxury and waste time on internet like anything. However when asked to donate, they never do that. So there is this group who came up with this concept for such type of crowd in India. Visit to:


and you'll see 2 links that redirect you to "Amazon.in" and "Flipkart.com", the two most visited online shopping websites in India.

Just visit these links and you'll be directly forwarded to their respective homepages. No delay. No extra ads. No extra charges. Just 1% to 5% of what you'll shop will be donated by Amazon and Flipkart. Easy, isn't it...???

Here's a video distributed by the group, please have a look:

If not directly, then lets try to make the world in which we're living a better world by spending a time by doing 1 extra click.

PS: Please do bookmark this link if you feel it's worth it.

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  1. This is such a great initiative by both Amazon and Flipkart.. I hope more and more people do it :)

  2. I saw that video whee a sadhu was being beaten up and found it pretty nasty.. perfect racism..

    and good move too


    1. One of my friends one day asked me, "Sabby what would you say on this brutal act by Punjab Police?"
      Initially I was not able to think of anything, even now also I'm not able to agree with it in anyway... :(

      Thanks Bikram

  3. Great write up and good initiative.

    Pawan Bahuguna


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