**** Human Brain acts strangely. I was just sitting and admiring rain on my bean-bag, when these lines clicked me. I'm not a musician, so couldn't describe the random tune which I was humming, but then I ended up writing these. Well, I think this random one deserves to be dedicated to my future partner. (TO WHOM-SO-EVER IT MAY CONCERN). ****

I wanna be with you;
Sitting on a bean bag, 
Next to you.

Sipping hot coffee,
In rainy weather, 
Next to you.

If you're watching some movie,
I wanna watch it,
Sitting next to you.

If you're reading some book,
Then I'll just sit,
And write one on you.

Be they hard times or not,
I wanna be with you, 
Next to you.

Sharing each and every moment
With YOU. 

PS: Thanks to Bangalore rains due to which I was in a house arrest today admiring the beautiful weather.


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