Euphonious Cacophony

When the wind blows really fast,
Be prepared, for a strange stormy impact.
As it may get tough to stay steadfast,
You might wanna prepare to blame God for this act.

Neither the nature, nor the creatures,
Nothing would be agile.
Life would be still,
And that will continue to be the scenario for a while.

Walking down the strangely calm street,
I observed an uprooted tree.
Branches and leaves torn from their roots, lay scattered
Like dead weed across the shore of a sea.

Storm took its toll on everyone,
Life started giving a feel like it is in its interlude.
But at dawn, as the first ray permeated,
Nature's elements began to collude.

From a dead bark of tree,
I saw a butterfly come out in June.
Trying to match the colorful movement of their fluttering wings,
Birds also started to chirp in tune.

Suddenly, the crickets chirping in silence at night,
Was no more a cacophony.
There was just some need to fine-tune the perspective,
When it all became a euphony.


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