A 2-minute talk is enough.....

Life teaches us a lot, from time to time it makes us learn from our own mistakes. Most of the times we learn through some harsh experiences,....but not always...really. Amongst these bitter experiences-we get time to time from our life- we sometimes feel depressed...but there is someone who can heal and again bring out the light and excitement of which we are all being deprived of... Friends always are the best healers but not always, they can bring you up temporarily but the permanent treatment required in such cases can only be provided by someone who is experienced than you....the one who can understand your situations, and such people are always found to be elder than you........and unfortunately for people like us(the college students, residing in hostel far from home) these fellows are our teachers(our respected FACULTY). But not all of them can be put under the above indicated category, as all are not of such kind. After such a hectic schedule due to our HECTIC FACULTY, one day by chance I met an old lady(around 65) just having an evening walk in the passage of our faculty block-- where 15 of us got the hostel amidst of 15 faculty members(terrible experience, isn't it)-- and I don't know how it started but we talked whenever we met, and it is only just a 2 min talk with her that gives a relief that there is still someone who talks to us far from our home in a homely fashion. Thats what we students try to find out of our busy schedule that there is still someone around us who can talk to us so that we can forget our tension and get relieved a bit from our days work.....and thats what Mrs. Tyagi(wife of Prof. M. S. Tyagi) provided me of with.......thankyou mam......


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