Why to be so much overloaded with EGO?????

At some point of our life, we are granted with SUCCESS....GLORY....and a lot, but sometimes we are granted with FAILURE.....thats the normal course of life and thats how one learn and gain experience in life. Many of us get a lot than expected, many remain in the intermediate range, while many also get failed....that's the way this world is going on.....and we being the part of it have to face one or the other consequences. One reaching on top of the world and not, thats what i was trying to say..Why some of us deserving to be on top remain back to the ground instead of shining like a star???? I don't know what's the main reason but it might be our luck or something like that what we have got or its our luck we have designed for ourselves on our own....But when one gets something more than expected somehow or the other many of us get covered with what we call it as an "EGO". I just wanted to say that why are some, amongst us are so much overloaded with ego, that even if one wants to request the person due to one of its quality or the other but not a bit of such feeling emerges from within....instead a lot of curses comes out of us for such person....why is it so????? I am writing this post b'coz of one of my teachers "Mr. M.K.JHA". Although being full with a lot of knowledge than many others might be, literally among one of the knowledge wizards(i've heard so)......but he is the most frustating person in my life i have ever met...i would say....the only thing which he is left with..which really i must say is respectful is that the degree of his P.G. from IIS, Banglore. Other than that he didn't know how to talk to others, MANNERS:- NOT FOUND. Their are others whom i have met and i must say that they are down to earth, although being much more successful and highly reputed than where this EDC faculty currently is.....as a friend i'm advising you to be please dont be get filled up with ego, no matter where you reach in this world and how much successful you become, otherwise you will still be nowhere in this world and please do inform me if you feel that i'm also suffering from this ego problem..........


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