A Degraded "D" grade in pD....

When I completed my 12th boards and went for engineering, I was told that now I have to choose the branch of my own choice and then i will be free of all this uninteresting subjects like hindi and english...... However, this never happened. I was rather introduced to a more uninteresting and stupid subject, known as PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Initially in the first semester we only have to give presentations and all. Although I hated all that but that was not a great problem, but still a problem for those who are not good at speaking and giving presentations in public. Somehow I completed my first semester with a C+ grade in PD, not a good one really as it destroyed my CGPA in that sem. This time, in the 2nd semester, PD was not all it had been earlier. It became worse this time. Now you have to learn each and every word like a parrot and then vomit each and every single thing all that you have learnt up on the answer sheet. This was the only way one could get marks in it, but not me. I was really bad with that- this learning like a parrot- and now the time for marks came, and I got what I have expected, the lowest in my batch. I am just asking that is this the way to build one's personality, i.e., learn each single word by hard like a parrot and vomit it as is it on the answer book????? I don't think that learning like that can build our personality.... In all the three test in the whole semester I didn't got enough marks so that I can secure a nice grade in this subject also like others...and now I know with all this I'm going to get....a "D" grade....worst grade one can get without failing... And this time also mine GPA is going to get destroyed in a very poor fashion, I know that...... Let the final gradesheet come...and I will inform you, if I had obtained something better than a Degraded "D" grade or not........


  1. All the bst..hop u get something better than D.
    learning like a parrot thing is bad...but "a problem for those who are not good at speaking and giving presentations in public"
    ppl with that problem need to undergo something lik this(i agree methods should b improved)..ow hw cn one expect to land into MNC after end of 4 years.

  2. i agree with you....and i'm not either blaming them for making us learn to speak in public...i just put up the prob.....

    however the main thing was the parrot learning...which i ddnt liked


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