Worst Stuff Ever...

May 10th 2009 10 days from today....and we will be back to our homes...missing all the night parties, enjoyment, bunks, sleeping in the lectures, etc. and moreover we'll be free from assignments and tutorials. But for the hostlers, these 10 days are much more than anyone can even dream of....We will be free from this bloody mess, free from the unexplained mystery of this alien food provided to us(hostlers)... We never complain about it...but today we were literally frustated about the food..(or i'd call it a junk..) which we are provided with... Let me straight forward introduce you with the menu of the food.... 1) Lunch:- rice, Makhane ki sabzi(aisi ki dubara khane ka naam na lo) and raeta.... 2) Dinner:- rice, some type of cholla(never ever saw that type before..) and kulcha(aise hote hain ki jaise....can't explain...leave it) On sundays, when we get up late in the morning feeling hungry with no stuff left which we have brought up from home...we hope that we will be provided with atleast something which can be swallowed to fill up our tummies...but only a small glance is more than enough for us to do it.... However, Somehow we try to put that stuff..so called food..in our plates and dare to make our first bite and then......then what????? our blank faces come up with no comments to give, but instead what we say you can understand...... But it seems that college is still happy to do so...firstly they have taken the mes charges for our whole semester and secondly there cafeteria will be on demand(no matter we have to pay here, but we can have atleast what we want and with better taste..) and it seems that they want us to take some memories of there food along with us to our native places so that all these holidays so that we don't miss their "MEMORABLE FOOD STUFF"...... Whatever it is.....but today was the worst stuff ever provided to us.... @JAYPEE MESS: We will remember you ALWAYS.....now don't give us such stuff anymore for these next 10 days....its a request....


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