Er. V.K.Goenka.....

Ok.....So a couple of post back i mentioned that i have shifted to bhopal...(for me its just for vacations, as I've to be at Noida for my graduation...). And many of my memories are attached with my old city.....Especially my last two years as those were the years that when i was actually, in a real sense introduced to my city, i.e., when i started coaching for 12th, and then that was the time when I met one of the idols of my life, Er. V.K.Goenka. Really a down to earth man, full of knowledge, he loved his students a lot more than anyone could imagine, and its literally impossible to express the feelings for his students and equally what his students felt for him.....Taking so much pain for his students, even for a single student, he used to come to coaching centre and sit even till 7 in the evening. He used to take physics class but provided study material for all the subjects, and helped us prepare for aieee, and all such exams along with his regular classes. We sat at his centre for the whole day studying any of the subject.....He was the one who made us develop our thinking towards "How to understand the subject and learn it rather than mugging it up and vomit out everything on the answer sheet". Everything I have achieved today is all because of him. Almost all my memories of Kanpur is somehow directly or indirectly are related to him or his coaching.....Thanks for all everything sir.....for what all you did for us and still doing for us.....None of us can pay it back to you.....will always miss you and your guidance.....:( Many of you might feel this post as one of the unexpected one from me....but he's one of the greatest personality i have ever met in my life.....


  1. Hey...u are from Kanpur??Which locality?Which school? Even I am from the same city :D
    Man...feels so great to find a fellow blogger from from apna Kanpur :P

    High five Kanpuriya ;)

    1. Hi Harshita...a big HIGH FIVE from my side...great to see you...
      I'm from K.V.,O.E.F....locality...dear i've shifted from kanpur now...and i miss the city MADLY... :(

      which school do you belong to???

    2. Yeah..I came to know that from your posts that you shifted to Bhopal..It's a great place...have spent my childhood vacations there...lot of relatives stay in M.P
      Kanpur is the best place as so many memories are related to it...Those were the best days of my life :)
      And Kanpur isn't much far from Noida, you can catch any train and in 5-6 hours you'll be standing at Kanpur central :)

      I am from SMC..though I shifted to DPS, Azad Ngr in Class 11th as we shifted from Kidwai Ngr to Awas Vikas,Kalyanpur...

    3. hey harshita...if you're comfortable then can we continue our forward chats on FB or gtalk...
      here's my FB id:

      u cn send the request...thanks... :)

  2. Hey any of u know goenka sir phone number it will be very helpful if u give me his number Dev , kalyanpur kanpur

  3. Hey CYNOSURE can you provide me with the contact number of Goenka sir

  4. I know that he is one of the best faculty for physics in that reason would u plesae suggest me some name for math ICSE coaching in that reason for class 11th as I m new in that area.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes. I'd highly recommend him.
      You can reach out to him on 7860951234


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