$106.4 Million Only

This was the news on the front page of TOI on May,6th 2010.....and it deserved to be.....A 1932 made PABLO PICASSO's painting was auctioned for a new world record of just $106.4 Million only..... Here's the pic.....just take a look..... This art piece made by the great Spanish Master......named "Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur" ("Nude, Green Leaves and Bust")...I couldn't understand that why it made so much havoc among art lovers.....I too like paintings, but never understood the meaning behind such paintings.......:P....either because it was made by Pablo Picasso or it was made 78 years back. Some of his others artworks made some sense......like this one.... The Old Guitarist(1903) but not the former one....... I'm not gonna write much here coz if any of the art lover will see my this post, they will surely gonna kill me.....:P However, Great work Mr. Pablo...keep it up....


  1. hmmm point to be noted (we dnt hv those spl eyes)..
    BTW dnt bother they won't hv time to catch ur blog(hopefully) :P

  2. Good to see a post on art here :)

    Well its a language that we are still learning, understanding art is such.

    And one thing to be remmeber is we are sitting in 21 century and commenting on these art, those were the days the paint medium , burshes and strokes were discovered. These are the people who created the base.

  3. @deep...Don't worry, even if they reach me, I'll keep myself in the critics zone...:P

    @srivats....thanx...yaa i agree that they are among the one who gave birth to such art forms.....hope all of us understand it as its really getting interesting as much as one explores it.......:)

  4. I dont understand such stuff either.. :(

  5. its dere own language........its difficult to understnd.......:P


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