3 days...!!!

Well past three days went past in a much different way than expected. Don't get bothered up, nothing that important happened...just they were different from usual. Actually 5th Nov. was "Diwali", you all know it very well, nothing to mention about it so hostel was all vacant by 3rd night or maximum by 4th morning, leaving behind some of us like me, my cousin(mama's son) and a couple of my friends. Nothing to do we just roamed around the area near college, took lunch from somewhere...(infact anywhere)...., watching movies, then again having something from roadside, went to meet a friend nearby and then came back to hostel to watch movies and seasons (NUMB3RS) on our laptops. Then again getting up late in the morning or early afternoon.....same schedule for the next day. Perhaps that's what the schedule we(me and my cousin) predicted for 4th, 5th and 6th, but that went on only for a single day.....on 4th only......on 5th we didn't had any proper movie to watch, as you can imagine how pathetic it will be to spend 150 bucks and watch movies like "Golmaal - 3, Action Replayy, Don't Know Why". Better to roam here and there like "chhutta's and aawaaraaa's.......typically called VELLAPANTI" and come back to hostel to follow the same schedule at night as mentioned. So, the next 2 days went on a bit differently but that was fun.....Do whatever you wanna do, in whatever way you wanna do.....noone was there to stop you.....No tension of studies, you don't even have to think of that and especially when there aren't any guys around who keep giving you tension about studies, those silly bookworms..... Seriously just enjoyed these days.....was a different diwali for me..... :P BTW Happy Diwali to everyone...... ;)


  1. mine was very much similar..
    sometimes its nice to just relax and unwind :)


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