Am I really Busy or Lost...???

Am I too much busy with my college work?
Am i too much lost within myself?

Dunno what happened.....Actually from starting of this month and till now, I had in my mind that on 26th November this month, One of the 2 most special persons of my life is celebrating his birthday.....but I didn't actually realized that 26th is tomorrow only until I received an update from my uncle, Maj. Ashwani Saini's Blog. Can't say where my mind was....;)

Okay leave it.....if any of you have the answer to any of my above question then please reply.....Thanks... ;)

So, you might be thinking that who are the two most special Mom and Dad.....How quickly time passes by.....

It just appears to be only a day or so when my father retired from RBI and we shifted to Bhopal.....and now a whole year has passed.....


Take Care...GOD Bless you...:)


  1. :) Ashwani Uncle's post really came as a pleasant surprise..
    Happy Birthday PAPA..
    Always Keep Smiling !!


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