M.K.Gandhi as Idol...???

In spite of the fact that many people tried to convince me, and provided with their positive views towards M.K.Gandhi, I was not able to change my views towards him and even yesterday when I was finished with "The Story of My Experiments with Truth" by M.K.Gandhi, I came up with many questions in my mind that might be genuine according to some of you, and might be stupid one for some of you. Actually, earlier i had many negative views about Gandhiji, but from many people i have heard you will read his book your thinking towards him will definitely change, so i felt like not commenting on him any further until and unless i read his book and get to know about his views towards life. But unfortunately, many of my negative views towards him were not removed, infact they grew more strong as i came towards the end. However one thing which accounted the most was how he followed "Truth", the way he tackled many of his cases and handled many situations in South Africa, India and for a small time even in England, that was really appreciable. Many of things were never acceptable by him...the way he many times imposed restrictions on his family, like of Brahmacharya, which was indirectly clear by his writings that his wife never completely agreed to it. Once when his wife was on her last stage..you can say "death bed", he refused to give her any of the milk diets, don't know about his theory..what he thought, refusing beef soup and all such stuff was agreeable but refusing even such type of recommended stuff....can't say anything..... Don't know how many of you will be having objections on my this post...but I would say.....I was against his thinking a long time ago, and even today.....Can anybody answer me that why the hell did he signed the death agreement of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. They were among those people who wanted to see India free, but they followed their own method of non-violence and even British government was afraid of them. If he wouldn't have done that, then it might be possible that India would have been an independent nation a long before 1947. BTW, I'm not here to argue here with any of you.....those who respect him its their own view of thinking, and i shall not comment on that....However you can still share any of your views of their are any towards this post, so that if it changes my views towards him.... cya


  1. I agree with this post... And never liked Gandhiji's methods very much..


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