This one was the Most Happening of ALL...!!!

Finally the end of the 5th semester has was the end of everything and latest by monday everyone will be back to their places. Everyone was enjoying the time since evening after the exam was over, especially the first years....they will have their 1st vacations.....;) But today when we came out of the examination hall, we thought that we might be having that usual joy that we are going home for a month or so.....but that feeling never came to me and some of them in my group and that only when i discussed with some of them, we concluded to a genuine reason that might be this time we have been so much busy for the first time among so many projects and unusual work load unlike previous two years..... However, this semester proved to be the most happening semester of all the 5 that i have been through.....all through the semester, one thing or the other was happening in regular intervals and kept us occupied in mentally and physically.... 1) Projects(Minor Project..which never proved itself to be a minor one, Micro Project...) 2) Rahul Dhamija's Death.....Most devastating moment of the life.....I was not able to be in the normal stage for atleast a month..... 3) My parents Silver Jubilee.....However this was totally screwed up from my side, it was just the next day of rahul's death..... 4) Many of the similar events like the 2nd one, occurred in the next 2 months at regular intervals.....a friend lost her mother.....another lost his sister.....and one more friend of mine died out of dengue..... 5) And then again getting back to test, minor project evaluations, etc. 6) One of our final semester papers got leaked and we had to give a retest of it.... The semester was a rather busy one.....but got many big plans for the vacations....hope they get fulfilled.... Most probably the very last post of mine of this month and of the year a wishing you all my friends A Very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR 2011.... have fun...good bye....cya....


  1. paaji comitted koun likhega ...vo bhi toh hua hai iss sem me...??:P

  2. @puruzz...thnx for the information... :P
    waise yaar plzz yeh bhi bta de ki kisse hua hun commit.... ;)


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