Make a Complain and get-off the Problem...!!!

How many of you can say that in a damn sure manner that you have not been in any problem in all your life.....????? I fear there might be any..... But how many of you claim that you have approached the problem in a proper fashion and solved it...??? However the latest fashion that I have observed everywhere.....if someone asks you about anything, forward the problem to someone else, just forward it as a complaint and get off the problem.....or even if you feel like that there's something that might be soon coming up to you as a problem, just make a complaint to anyone before he/she could understand that what has happened...and those person's are called as smart ones(who can make smart complaints...) and that's what you might expect from anyone..... PS: I'm not saying that I've never complained, somewhere or the other I too might have complained... PS: Beware friends...that complaint might get forwarded to you at any time from anyone....(even your close ones....) cya


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