The World's Fastest Indian...!!!

A couple of days ago I watched a movie on my laptop..."The World's Fastest Indian"[2005] Initially I thought it will be about some Indian guy or something like that...but soon i realized that its about the struggle of a man Burt Munro who just wanted to break the land speed record with his beloved 40years old bike..."Indian Motorcycle"...whose original speed was just 55miles/hour which he later improved and reached a speed of 201.851miles/hour to achieve the title of fastest speed ever achieved on land by any under 1000cc vehicle...which still holds... For this he went from New-Zealand to USA...and broke the record...and all this at the age of 68... The movie is about his struggle...must watch... PS: Don't loose hope is the moral of the story...:P


  1. liked the theme... movie is right there in my yet to watch list :)

  2. i will remember this.. thanks for sharing .. and will recommend it to the office group too..

  3. it when u get the time..

    @how do we know....wlcm.... :)


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