NO to IIT...Where is it leading to...???

"It started with the best in the world and if not stopped now, then it might lead to worst in the world"

I don't want it to be true, but it seems that it will be true soon.

Lets see how what is leading the one which used to be the best towards its worst end:

"Indian education system used to be the best thousand's of years ago. For many centuries, before the time when human learned to make an account and write down things, all the vedas, upanishads, puranas, etc. continued their journey from generations to generation as word-of-mouth. Till that time there was no education system which can compete with ours.

Then slowly-slowly, as we progressed, we realized that there are many sections of society which are divided on the basis of caste and culture which lead to ill-treatment of many of them. So instead of eliminating such stupid caste system, we thought, if we remove this diverse cultures, then India will loose one of its most important attractions which we now call "unity in diversity", so lets promote it.

Then again, couple of centuries later, as our society progressed, we formed leaders who again instead of removing this crap caste system, thought lets continue with this system, and give these sects a little bit favors for couple of days and enjoy for years as a leader. But the question was, what incentives shall be given? So then at last this quota system came. It said, general category are self-sufficient, they can do anything, lets help lower sections of society. What a beautiful thought, isn't it? But when its misuse was started, then...
then what...every section started demanding its quota, and soon, general category became MINORITY and for overcoming these problems, many general category started faking quota certificates.

Somewhere in between, the outer world, overtook India. So for improving the education level again, 7 Institutes were opened, named as INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, better known as IIT. Soon, it became a dream for people to get admission in IIT. However, soon government of India, made it easy for everyone to get into IIT, obviously by easy I meant, NO STUDYING, just spend some money in forging your caste certificate and're through."

First imposing the quota system on all good colleges, then changes in education system of schools.

Now, the situation in 2013:

1. 769 students left the IIT offer after FIRST COUNSELING.
2. 274 students left the IIT offer after SECOND COUNSELING.

The situation has already reached where students have started saying no even to IITs, what will the fate of Indian education system after few years?

Can anyone predict that what will be the next step by our government towards ruining our treasure?

PS: Feels so bad when I write such things about the system under which I grew, just because some few top politicians are ruining it for the sake of increasing their bank balances. Just hope that I soon become competent enough to change the system and make it reach back to the shining colors, where it used to be few decades back.


  1. nothing can be done about it...its our government...we have made it...its an irony !!!

    1. Its our bad luck...Wish I could completely agree to that we actually made it...

  2. Nice post and true that the Indian Education system has really gone bad... just to add some more for the readers as a student, faculty and as a researcher in my own words -

    1. Unfortunately the position is worsening day by day...
      thanks for the links... :)

  3. Great post ...
    It's bad to see such things in our education system ..:(


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