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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What would you prefer...EAT ROYALLY or FLUSH ROYALLY...???

Obviously I won't deny that technology advancement is good. But sometimes, some of the advancements appears to be useless(at least to me).

Well, not much good examples striking my mind right now, except for this one(for which I'm here right now)...!!!

But before everything, just one question...

How much would you like to spend to dispose off your SH*T...???

For a house...few dollars maybe...That too per month...that's it...???
For a company, okay I'll leave it, I know everyone won't like to discuss it...
But obviously not more than that...(hopefully)...

Well, I don't want to get this post too much dirty by discussing about the shit, but here I present you

the $6400 toilet

or some of you would like to call it
A Royal Flush
to flush your SH*T

PS: Leave the discussion apart...But tell me seriously, would you seriously spend so much just to dispose off your SHIT...???
Free Advice:
If end result doesn't matter to you
(not everywhere, just for this case)
Then instead of SH*TTING royally, why not eat royally...???

cya :P


  1. BTW, who spend this much time in their toilet. I think only if you are constipated, you want that remote to play with. Anyways, waste of money. I would rather build many community toilets for $6400.

    1. Social service...That would be the best option if someone is willing to do... :)

  2. do both .... eat and shit ROYALLY :D

  3. Some people need innovative methods of luxury.

    1. here useless would suit more than luxury :P

  4. They make money out of crap!

    Love your header!

    1. Ummm...not exactly crap...but out of crappy people who spend on such things... :P

  5. The title of the post is really catchy ;)
    And, regarding the $6400 toilet; some people are remarkably extravagant :D
    Plus, I would eat royally; later will be settled :D

  6. Wts the point in spending (Time and money) in shitting so royally? Do some charity instead! Nice headline and good post!

    Shilpi Dutta

  7. Interesting indeed! What a paradox our world is - millions don't even have the means to pay for even a morsel of food, and then there are some who would actually go ahead and buy this this thing.

  8. well i may not like to own it .. I better be giving that money to someone who may need it .. but there is no denying that that I would like to experience it for at least shitting for few days :D

    1. hmmm...that's definitely gonna be fun... :D :D :D

  9. Replies
    1. That's y its said..."Money is a Good servant, but a bad master"

  10. LOLOL... i know who would love this. The Japaneses!! hahah


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