I wrote an Essay, Really...??? :O

If anyone of you would have asked me that will I be writing any essay in the future and if yes, then when...??? Then I'd would have said, Not in the near future because I won't be appearing in any IAS or similar exams, but yeahh I'll be writing it someday, maybe helping out my kids in the school(well that's too long term planning, so ignore).

But, exactly 1 year and 3 days ago, I landed up in IIIT-Bangalore, for M.Tech. and exactly 3 days ago, I was given an assignment(actually everyone was given, not only me) to write an essay on one of these topics:

1) A scene in an exam hall (I don't like writing about tragic incidents, so ignored it)
2) Value of discipline in Student Life (Discipline and Student Life, I thought they are antonyms, again ignored)
3) Convocation Day (No experience yet...so one more down)
4) A midnight Adventure (After joining IIIT-B, whole life has become an adventure, so it wouldn't have been any justice to write about one and ignore other)
5) Art of Communication (I don't have any such art, but somehow I realized that its desperately needed, so unfortunately wrote about this one)

Anyways, last night, I again proving myself as an engineer, finished and mailed the essay exactly 5 minutes before the deadline. Before sending, I asked one of my friends read it and liked it, so I thought lets share it here.

Disclaimer: Don't expect it to be funny by any chance, it was officially submitted...Hence, Read it at your own risk... :P


Art of Communication
History of communication dates back to the time when God created the very first creature. It won’t be wise enough to specifically mention the earth as the place of creation, as we don’t know ourselves that whether life exists somewhere else or not and if yes, then since when? No one knows the answer.

But, what is communication? Communication is when someone responds to other person’s reaction in any way. Response can be in any form, giving attention while listening, replying to someone’s reaction or question, etc. Communication starts for anyone automatically since the time of birth and is continued till the person expires. It is something, which neither can be ignored, nor can be avoided. Even in sub-conscious state of mind, a person is responsive to a lot of different kinds of actions, for example, when a person is asleep and suddenly someone shouts near him, the response observed is obvious. This is actually a way of representing the disturbance caused to sleeping person.

Being one of the most important and unavoidable part of any one’s life, the way in which one communicates is important. Whenever an action is made, there will be some audience to that action. So it’s important that we take care of the basic necessities of our audience which can be a single person in a one to one conversation to many in a group discussion or presentation. But, what are the basic necessities when facing any audience? Well, here comes the role of “Art” of communication. Yes, using everything wisely is an art. This is something where at least everyone should try to be good at, considering the self-experienced occurrences of events where this art is desperately required. One of the basic requirements of communication is to have confidence, not over-confidence. The important thing is to learn the difference between the two as there is a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence, which is generally over looked and people land up in a bad state of this art. Along with confidence, good communication requires not shouting and calmly listen to other person’s points also which requires high amount of patience. If you’re the only one dominating into the conversation and not letting anyone speak, then it is a bad form of communication because this means that you’re in an over-confident state and think you’re perfect. These all constitute the listening skills part of communication because listening requires the maximum amount of patience.

Leaving aside the emotional barriers which were just discussed, there are many other barriers which are not in our control and are tough to overcome when encountered, for example language differences. Language problem is the most prominent when one prefers some more comfortable local language instead of, maybe less comfortable, but common language. However, language not only refers to someone’s mother tongue, it also sometimes refers to when someone, say in any technical presentation uses a lot of terms which are familiar to the presenter but are jargon to the audience. So, it’s sometimes considered better to have a conversation with a person of same field as far as possible, else explanation of jargon is must.

Well, being a mortal, we can’t be master to every art, so being a master of something in which you’re good at is the best thing. However, along with everything, one art which is most essential to learn for everyone is “Art of Communication”, as it is a free gift by Him to every creature in this universe.


PS: For those who survived or skipped the above essay and are reading this line. Good Bye. See you soon.


  1. :) nicely expressed..
    At first I skipped, but later got the courage to start :P
    Surprisingly, it turned out that the essay isn't as boring as its title ;) actually enjoyed reading..

    1. I also had the same reaction...had to look for a lot of courage to read it for proof reading...
      PS: BTW one of my friends did the proof reading again for me :P

  2. Enjoyed it............great going

  3. LOved your remarks about the topics the best!! :)


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