India: Normal Day vs Rakhi Day...!!!

Its almost the end of the day and surprisingly it was one of the best days. Don't worry, nothing interesting happened with me. The best days because there wasn't any news of rape or extortion against women in any news website(atleast I didn't found). What can be the possible reason...Rakhi...???

Maybe, yes.
"The day when you don't find those guys roaming out who're seen out every day & night stalking & whistling at girls."

Today, this was the status on my twitter in the morning.

And now, when I was totally free, well you can't be free if you're in my college, so in other words, I was not in a mood to do anything. So I drew this for this special day:

Click on the image for larger view 

PS: Well, to sum up, Happy Rakshabandhan to all the brothers and sisters around and also to my dear sister. And special thanks to Rakshabandhan. If this is really the reason, then I wish, those sick minded people learn to celebrate this day daily.


  1. I laughed as I read this post but the dark humour actually got me thinking as well...We need more such days to make this place safe for women :D

  2. hmmm.. interesting observation.. but i don't think the day went totally clean

    Btw that picture has come out really nice.. you drew..??what software was it yar? ek dum cool lag rahi hai..
    My blessings on Rakshabandhan.. and congratulations for the 1 Lac mark..

    1. Well...unfortunate on my side if I missed any of those...
      Yeahh...i drew it on paper and then took the snapshot... :)
      GOD bless u :)

    2. Getting into some light mood...the time-stamp on the news was today's... :P
      So I didn't miss any(as per now)...

      PS: ab to waise yahi prarthna hai bhagwaan se ki bhagwaan aise logon ko thodi sadbuddhi de...

  3. Accha ji... kal shaam ko project meeting me ye kaam ho raha tha :P
    Nice drawing :)
    Happy Raksha bandhan..

    1. arey no-no...project meet was just the break from all these things...I was doing it both before the meet and after the meet... :P
      and BTW u'r my equal partner in such i write solace...??? :P

  4. Nice post. The pic is very funny. I guess a good solution to eve teasing problem will be to sow a seed of mutual respect as early as possible. It’s a shameful truth that girls are not safe in a country that is so proud of its culture.


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