When fights used to start with "My Dad is Strongest. No, my Dad is Strongest."


Kid 1: My dad is strongest.
Kid 2: No, my dad is strongest.
And then the fight starts and finally parents had to get involved to take their kids back.


1) Dad = Superman:

That's how kid's in 90's used to think, most of the time it was one of the most common way how the fight starts among the kids of 90's.

Last week I got a package from Flipkart and in which I found the product wrapped in bubble sheet with which I played till the time all the bubbles were flattened and that reminded me of

2) Bubble Sheet = Bomb:

How we (kid's of 90's) used to play with things which were used by our parents for completely different purpose. Just felt nostalgic, so I started making a note of what all those things we did and then today I did this all this... :D

 3) Umbrella = Gun:

4) Hallway and walls = Canvas:

I bet, every single child has sometimes or the other has scribbled on walls of his/her house. I confess that I did it sometimes, got scolded, then never did.

5) Doctor = Headsman/Executioner:

 6) School = Prison:

7) Paper roll = Pirates Binocular:

8) Cardboard Roll = Sword:

9) Broomstick = For flying(which never happened)

10) Bicycle = Army Tank

11) Drawing room = A room with fire on floor

 If you don't remember, ask your mom how many times she scolded you for ruining the drawing room.
(In our house, entry for naughty kids was banned in the drawing room)

12) Bed = Trampoline

 Well, same comment as above(confirm from your parents :P)
(I did this, very rarely, u know why :P)

And at last,
13) Toy Soldier = Real Soldiers

PS: To the kids of 21st century: You're gonna miss your real childhood. :)
PS: A special thanks to Google for the images and Flipkart for reminding the good old days.


  1. You know this post just put a big smile on my face .. it's so true ... esp the bubble wrap sheet .. i still do :D

  2. This post did make me nostalgic...:D

  3. Pleasure to read & recollect :) :) !!

  4. boss you took me to the journey of half pant days .. and you know what not one could I say was .. a wrong interpretation :D absolute love for this post !! I remember schools were like literally jails I would avoid every second day :D yes walls and Hallways were my first doodling board and even now .. with a compact middle class house we won with no wall space to attract me .. I still crave to scribble few shapes out there :)

    1. Thanks a lot buddy...Its always a pleasure to take someone along for such an awesome trip back in time... :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. aww lovely ... that bubble sheet ,i loved it :)
    Indeed a sweet ,awesome post ..:)


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