Timepass Shayari from a Timepass Shayar...!!!

Here comes another timepass shayari from a timepass shayar. ;)


जिसने कभी इश्क़ न किया हो, उसको ही अपने पे फक्र होता है ।
किसी टूटे हुए दिल से पूछो, इस दास्तान का कभी लब्ज़ों में ज़िक्र नही होता है ॥ 


PS: Just wrote it as part of a discussion. Sounded good, so sharing it here. Don't ask the context. :P 
PPS: And then they say that you shouldn't leave your mind wandering. Why shouldn't I...??? :D


  1. Cheers to randomness :-) :-) Would love to read some more ;)

  2. Very nice post. BTW, Its contest time. Please go thro the article here http://jumbledhead.blogspot.com/2015/11/truly-made-of-great.html and post your comment. Best comments win Rs. 750 amazon voucher. Cheers.. !!!

  3. bahut khoob..
    toote dil se hi saaj nikalte hain.. :D


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