His Futile Anxiety...!!!

Like a caterpillar covered in a chorial shell,
Letting it grow day by day.
He held her tight as in a protective dwell,
Carelessly, she slept in his arms in a world so grey.

Although known and aware
Of her tryst with the world so sly,
He is yet so timid to share,
His girl, 'coz what if all goes wry?

"Am I being overprotective?", he thought.
Smiling at his futile anxiety,
He replied to himself, "Hasn't everyone of us fought,
When life bestowed upon us with situations of such variety?"

For his child, these thoughts, he is unable to let go.
Caring, protective and defensive, isn't that's how a father's mind row?


PS: The above composition is inspired from the sketch which I made few days back.
Also the composition is an attempt on Shakespearean Sonnet rhyming scheme(ABAB-CDCD-EFEF-GG).


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