Once Again...:P

Yesterday, on 30th Oct. 2010, I was supposed to attend a Seminar on Entrepreneurial Development, so I got myself registered there at about 9:45am in the morning. But soon before it was started, i saw a notice for the "Workshop on ACST(Advanced Computing and Software Tools) - 2010", and I decided to go to ACST instead of trying for something which is of less interest to me, entrepreneur seminar. At the beginning of it, I felt very awkward, as when i noticed that there are very few of the B.tech students, and all of them were Faculty members, the guest lecturers along with the some M.tech and Ph.D. Scholars. But, however, I decided to attend the workshop. Beginning was a little boring and slow one with the lecture by Prof. R.S.Gupta on The Free and Moving Boundary Problems. However, next one was by Prof. Rama Bhargava on Mesh Free Methods. I don't know what she had in the morning, or might be she had some problem so that she wanted to finish her lecture so quickly. She was exceptionally fast to understand or even to note down the topics, but somehow i was able to get the overview and was successfully able to note down the topics. The 3rd one was by Dr. Mani Mehra on Wavelets and Applications. It was really very good one from her. Everyone took interest, and even people like me, who knew nothing about the topic understood a lot. Then came H.O.D. of our college, Prof. Bani Singh for the Lecture on Boundary Characteristics Orthogonal Polynomials. This also went fine. Then a small workshop on basics of MATLAB was held, that was a little frustrating for us. Actually in the past 2 years we are studying MATLAB and has taken a large number of classes of our juniors. However, The best part of it was about to come. Lecture by Prof. Karmeshu on Stochastic Modeling of Innovation Diffusion. The way he delivered the lecture was awesome. Other lectures were like...OK, I gotta know some more facts and advancements about mathematics, but this one was also accompanied with interest. Even if someone who didn't knew the subject wouldn't get bored of with it, and understood a lot. You attend his lecture once, and you will be ready to attend his lecture for as much time as possible, I can bet, you won't get tired. And just have a look at his profile, an awesome one. In short, I was once again fantasized by the beauty of mathematics.....lolzzz...:P


  1. :-) your experience very well reminds me off my first encounter with Markov Chains..in a workshop only meant for research students, when i was in BSc 3rd year.. and the 3 Profs. made me fell in love with the topic, and changed life henceforth.
    I always fancy myself, to be someone who has such impacts on young students like you and me..
    hope you take it forward!!!

  2. Ahh...thanks.....however today only i came to know that the guy who sort of reboosted my interest in the subject, is the Ph.D. guide of my DSP lecturer.......;)


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