Sometimes we rise up with lots of ambitions, But we don't get to move on in the right directions... Sometimes we move on with lots targets, But we don't get the right path to reach them... Sometimes we come up with lots of visualization within ourselves, But we don't even bother to have enough of its realization... Sometimes we have a lot to focus, But we're not left with so much concentration to focus... Sometimes we have lot of achievements waiting in front of us, But we don't even look for them... Sometimes we are tested by HIM so much that we achieve perfection to the fullest, But we get shattered so easily that we ignore the success one step ahead... Sometimes we start ignoring so much in life, That we ignore the necessities in life... Sometimes you freeze at some point in your life, But then a simple ray brings to us a hope of life... And we come up with this beautiful word.....EUREKA...!!! PS: never loose hope for anything in this beautiful world.....These days survival is possible only if we face the reality...truth...and work according to what is necessary.....Just recall an age-old theory..."The survival of the fittest"...and rethink of the survival method in this world which has been much more than a competitive one..... good bye...have fun....


  1. very true, indeed very sensible and meaningful insight to life.
    ..i needed it now.!!

  2. @deep........i wish these might have helpd u.....all d bst....:)

    @arshat.....thanks..... :)

  3. true.. one has to be tough in tough situations to enjoy the fruit of life.. well said bro..


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