The Puppet Show...!!!

I've always heard from my elders that death is something that can come to anyone at any point of time with no prior warning no matter how old are you or who you are.....everyone is equal for it.....Just a simple rule applied by it for you..."It will just take you away from the sorrows/miseries of this world when it wants to take you, leaving behind others in sorrow..." I just took it as a information and never really thought about it.....Actually I never really imagined that I could even have to bother about the fact until this semester or precisely for the past one and a half month when I actually realized that we are only the puppets in this world.....and all our controlled by the the master of all..."GOD".....The only liberty that we are given is we can only feel and judge our actions and try to improve them(unlike the puppets we play with)... I know that from the past few weeks my blog has been sort of boring because of some serious stuffs like i won't talk about it a lot....Just giving you a glimpse of events that took place in past few weeks in a chronological order..... 17/8/2010.....Death of Rahul Dhamija 7/9/2010.....A friend's mother expired due to cirrhosis 19/9/2010.....A friend's sister expired 30/9/2010..... 1)Sanchit Bansal's death due to dengue..... 2)Purnendu Chaturvedi's(college friend) Birthday..... 3)Major Ashwani Saini's Birthday..... On the one hand some are celebrating and on the other hand some are in drowning due to sorrow because of the loss of someone very dear to them.....Just everything was going in accordance to what GOD wanted of us.....We are just here to see what's happening around us and accept it as a truth.....This is typically called THE PUPPET SHOW


  1. u r very correct sarab. I am also going through similar feelings now a days.
    i gad this feeling in december 1989, the day when my father bhabhi was in full term of pregnancy. the day we cremated my father, there was an new addition to our family.
    then again on 4th november this year, was my mother's death anniversary and we cremated her on 05.11.2005. and this year in 2010, we are all celebrating diwali.
    life stops for someone and goes on for someone else dear.

  2. "babu moshai.... hum sab to rang manch ki kathputli hai... jiski dor to upar wale k haath me hai.. kab, kaun, kahan... kiski dor kaise toot jaye hume nhi pata..."
    nyc 1 bro... but sach me jab yeh blog pada sabse pehle yehi line yaad aayi...

  3. @AK-47...thnx bro...actually i too wrote this post having the same lines in my mind... :)


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