लब्ज़ों में नही बयान हो सकी वो हर बात जो दिल में थी...
लब्ज़ बयान न कर सके वो हर बात जो दिल में थी...
क्या लब्ज़ पड़ गए थे कम जो बातें बयान न हो सकीं???
याँ क्या बातों में था इतना गम जो लब्ज़ों में बयान न हो सकीं???
PS: hope you get the proper words for yourself...its really very necessary for everyone to express themselves but if you're not able to express yourself...then its really a tough task for you to survive in this world...
PS: if you don't have enough courage to face the truth, then sometimes its better to leave some questions unanswered, otherwise they might severely hurt you...


  1. but sometimes its better to hide the truth..

  2. and what if its get necessary to express something and still we are not able to do it... :-|


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